Miracles Already Exist

pyramid treeGreetings, Dear Ones!

Today we wish to focus on the topic of Miracles. You know by now that the ego and the rational/logical mind is the part of you that always and only operates from fear. It is a function of your human-ness and it cannot see beyond what it already knows. The ego is not a genius, it is not a visionary, it only functions from the limited perspective and experience of your current physical incarnation. Your Spirit/Soul/Higher Self is the part of you that knows you are endless and eternal and allows you access to all of the lives you have lived and all of the lives that have ever been lived. If you want to consider that every thought, idea, belief, and experience that is, was, and shall ever be as a great library, then your non-physical essence is your library card, so to speak.

As the intensity of the energies and awakenings on your planet continue, you will, no doubt find yourself in times that appear to be rooted in scarcity and fear. This is only by design to continue to allow you to embrace and release the old, outdated ways of humanity’s past. While many of you have lived countless lives and from a soul perspective are very wise, experienced and advanced…the fact remains that while you are in Human form, there will always be an aspect of  being tasked with remembering and awakening to just how powerful you truly are.

The realization of your Divine Nature is in a sense unimportant when you are not in Human form because it is immediate and it is not something you are ever separate from. The whole point of a Human life is to transcend what you see with your logical/rational minds. That is the fundamental experience of all Humans…to believe in and have faith in that immaterial sense that there is something more, something greater, something grander than what you see, touch, feel, smell and hear.

That is the nature of a Miracle. Something that is outside of the realm of the physical, practical, logical, reality you experience while in your human-ness. It is also important to remember that even Miracles are a co-creative process. The old idea that a Miracle had to be bestowed upon the lucky, worthy, few is yet another distortion designed to keep you in service to those who would have you believe that they are the only conduit to The Divine. The truth is that Miracles are simply a vibrational aspect of that which you are: Source.

When you remember and allow the knowing that you are simply another aspect of All That Is…a branch on the great Tree of Life. Then you immediately tune into the frequency of all that is available to you, which includes Miraculous Events. We have said so many times, and it bears repeating: There is no thing, person, construct, being, event, that exists outside of you that will save you. The Keys to Love and all that you desire reside within. It is part of the agreement that you made prior to this incarnation to do the things that you knew would be necessary to re-discover the Keys to Love. When you accept that everything that could be, already exists…then a Miracle becomes merely a matter of tuning in and allowing.

In love and light we leave you.


The Lighted Ones.

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