My Love For You

When all is said and done. When the dust has settled, the fears have quieted, and the tears have dried.
What remains is the truth of what Source feels for you.
This truth is what has always been and what always will be.

In our darkest moments, when all seems to fail and crumble around us, this truth remains.
Whether we like it or not, whether we want or not, even if we can’t bring ourselves to believe it, this truth stands above all else.

As you begin to heal.
To piece yourself back together from the destruction of what you once knew, this truth takes on a meaning once hidden.
This truth becomes more than just an idea or an inspirational image rendered in two dimensions.
This truth becomes a beacon that you begin to shine upon yourself.

The dawning of this meaning emerges silent and steadfast. A quiet force that guides you deeper into a knowing of yourself in the radiant truth of who you are. The acceptance of all that you are, AS you are suddenly clarifies and crystallizes this truth for you.

The way that your Source has always felt about you now becomes your greatest tool of transformation.
It becomes the missing ingredient in your recipe of personal alchemy.
It is the key to unlock all doors, the codex to decode all cryptic messages.

This mantra becomes your truth as you embrace yourself as a loving parent embraces a child. As you do for yourself what so many were incapable of doing for you. As you accept and finally understand what Unconditional really means.

As your capacity to show yourself unwavering Love, Compassion and Acceptance shifts from practice to integrated knowing.
You are able to finally speak these words to yourself. Knowing that it has always been true. The only words you ever needed and really wanted to hear.

“There is nothing you can ever say or do that will place you outside of my love for you.”

On the heels of these words now spoken, everything is rushing to you.
Your Divine Blueprint has emerged and it brings with it the transformative fires of Crystalline Clarity.

In its wake it leaves behind the rusted shell of that which no longer serves you.
The false beliefs, the illusions, the amnesia, dissolving into dust to now be washed away.

The best of you and the rest of you have come seeking an audience.
The smallest, darkest, most twisted parts of your self.
The brightest, bravest, most compassionate parts of your Soul.
They have traveled from the farthest reaches of your being, and are lining up, carrying their gifts.

Each of them bears something for you.
The fears, the doubts, the judgements and the rage.
The Joy, the Love, the Clarity and the Beauty.
One by one, they kneel before you humbly asking but for a moment of your time.
As you turn to face them, meeting their gaze, embracing them and holding them close. Their resistance melts and they merge with you.
Whispering to them the only truth you have ever needed them to know.

“There is nothing you can ever say or do that will place you outside of my love for you.”

My Love For You


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