March Energies Update: Cut The Parachute So You Can Fly

In this video I address our progress of March so far and what Spirit wants us to know.
The energies of the eclipse/new moon are still weaving their way through our experience.
I know we are all being asked to sit with fundamental, core beliefs that are ready to be transformed. This can feel really emotional and overwhelming as we are taken right to the heart of our old stories.

I have been sitting with my own “stuff'” and this morning I asked to be shown an image for some context.
Spirit showed me that what we are being asked to do is let go of the old mechanisms that at one point kept us safe. Now they are just outdated beliefs that the mind still clings too.
We are walking along, slogging through the old world with the parachute open behind us. What once kept us aloft is now actually dragging us down. It’s time to cut the ties to the old parachute so we can spread our wings and fly.

Thanks as always for watching!


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