The Solstice: You are Emerging

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If this month isn’t one of the strangest months I’ve ever experienced, then I don’t know what is! I took the time this morning to connect and ask my team what’s up and I am sharing that exchange with you below.
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“I don’t even really know what to ask to be honest. I feel like there is a message that is ready to come through. This month seems to be one of the strangest  months in recent memory. I’ve had moments of completely forgetting where I am. Not just being turned around or lost, but literally moments of not having any idea what city I am in, or where on the planet I am. Moments of zero recognition of anything. I’ve had moments of forgetting how to walk. On the stairs in mid stride and suddenly having to grab onto the hand rail, because I can’t think of what comes next. I’ve had mild vertigo off and on over the past few weeks as well. These energies feel so physical right now it’s insane. High frequency tones in my ears, aches and pains in parts of my body that I didn’t know could ache. Intensely vivid activity while sleeping. Energy swings that are off the charts dramatic. I know I am not alone and so I want to take this time to ask for insight, feedback or anything you can share to put things into context.”

You are emerging. You are experiencing in your physical experience what has primarily been going on in a non-physical way up until now. The manifestation of anything in the physical realm begins first as an energetic impulse. An idea, a vision, an intuitive nudge. You have (collectively and individually) over the past several years (we will continue to use 2012 as a marker for the sake of clarity) been through a lot of transformative experiences to say the least. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, thoughts, and energies that have changed your perception of who you are, what you are capable of, and the truth of your nature. The merging of your divine self (you may call this the higher self, your multidimensional self, or simply your non-physical self) with your physical self has been no easy feat. You have been through the wringer and in many ways this is the final squeeze of this phase.

In your world eventually everything settles into the density of physical form. As you have stated previously ‘by the time something shows up on the physical plane, it’s old news’. Now from your physical point of view, that feels a bit untrue as you are currently having a very physical experience indeed! However, it is true that from an energetic perspective, the physical plane is the final destination on the energy train. Earlier this year (I believe they are referring to this post from June) the program of limitation that existed within the 3D model was complete. Since then, you have all been on a rapid journey of exiting that matrix of control.

There have been comparisons made that 2016 was the year of the caterpillar, 2017 was the year of the cocoon, and that 2018 is the year of the butterfly. This is a lovely and quite apt explanation. You are indeed emerging from the cocoon that has completely transformed you into something entirely new.

Imagine for a moment that you experienced transformation in the same way that the caterpillar does. You enter the cocoon in one form and in a strange, unfamiliar, chaotic, experience everything about you completely changes. Your form shifts from dense and slow, to one that is seemingly lighter than air. The same building blocks of matter that made up your initial body are dissolved and reformed into a new being capable of flight that barely resembles the earthbound caterpillar. All of this happens without fail as this transformation is programmed into the cellular information that the caterpillar carries within. Do you see how apt this analogy is?

The old experience of the limited 3D Earth is quickly running out of steam. The power sources that kept the hologram alive are depleted and essentially the old Earth life is now a simulation of a simulation. It has been kept viable in order to allow individuals to make the transition in the most graceful way possible. However at this point, it is mostly sustained by collective memory and ideas that people still hold. Many still believe that while things in your world may seem very chaotic right now, that it is merely a bump in the road and that at some point, things will go back to the way they used to be. We are here to say that the way things used to be is a version of reality that is quickly disappearing in your rear view mirrors, never to return.

Many souls at this time have agreed to play the part of ones who seem to be “stuck in 3D” and they have never had any intention of continuing beyond this passage. They will play their part so that the defunct 3D model can maintain some viability as the transition winds down. At some point they will simply exit this physical plane and their work here will be complete.

The strange sensations and symptoms and altogether surreal experiences you’ve had as of late are simply you adjusting to your new form. While you may look the same on the outside, that is merely a projection of memory. How you look physically has never been the point of any of this. The world of form is one that so many are still attached to and what your physical bodies are actually capable of has only just begun to be uncovered.

Many are having experiences where the physical world seems to be fluid and unstable. You feel strange feelings, you have strange thoughts. Your physical experience seems more and more surreal as you move out of the old versions of reality. The truth is that your reality has always been fluid and not nearly as dense and fixed as you have been taught. It has simply been collective belief, intent and the agreements made to exist in the old model that have kept those old beliefs alive. You know from a scientific perspective that on the micro level nothing is really solid. It is all just energy taking the shape of what you project through your intention and expectation. Stop and really feel the resonance of those words. Nothing is really solid. It is one thing to intellectually know this, but to really live those words and to actually carry the understanding of them through your life is another thing altogether.

Right now you are seeing the physical manifestation of things which have up until this point been playing out in the levels of thought, belief, and emotion. This is in many ways the fruition of what began to unfold in 2012. Your bodies and all of your biological systems are being most intensely affected in the moment. This is merely the way that energy cycles through density and at some point it must move through your bodies and physical structures to complete the cycle. Just like the butterfly often seems to struggle when emerging from the cocoon. It must go through this so its wings can become strong. Your current experience holds great value for you too. As challenging as it might seem, we ask you to consider that this is simply the cellular program of the cycle of transformation playing out as it was designed to.

Your levels of thought and personality are feeling a lot of the impact in the current energy cycle. Memory and belief can be beautiful things for you. They can connect you to others through shared experience. They support you in creating magnificent creations that fill your world with positive energy. They connect you to others and allow you to achieve incredible things. They remind you of times and places that make you smile and laugh and fill you with joy. However they also can be used to limit you. To keep you locked in fear and lack. They can be used to divide you and pit you against one another. This is a lot of what is being cleared from your physical vessels right now. There is much from your current life as well as previous and concurrent incarnations that is irrelevant now. Much of the old systems are propped up by ancient beliefs that in truth never served your highest good. The gaps in time, memory, and function are part of this process. As you integrate new codes that overwrite much of your old patterning, the actions and beliefs that were borne of those old patterns also dissolve.

Resistance to your process always brings suffering, but now even more so. This cycle must complete. The experiment of the old model must end. In fact it has ended and in many ways what you are all currently experiencing is simply the aftermath being cleaned up. The new grids are here and are viable. Many of you spend a lot of time in them already and more of you are connecting there moment by moment. It is a beautiful sight to see. The upcoming Solstice marks the turning of a page. It is always a powerful transition, but at this point in time it is even more potent as your exit from the cocoon marks a major milestone in your experience. What is collapsing must collapse and there is no turning back. What is emerging from the chaos of the past year will not be delayed. In this intense time be patient with yourself and with others. You all have your role to play and you all carry the knowledge of it within. It will be revealed to you clearly as the time comes and your clarity will be unmistakeable. As we have said before, you will know it like you know your name.

Caring for yourself and others while doing your best not to get sucked into the emotional turmoil will serve you greatly. Allow yourself to acknowledge and feel what needs to be felt in order to release the experience from your body then come back to center. You don’t need to attach to and get carried away by the currents of emotion in order to let them go. To the personality it is often terrifying because the comfort zone of old patterns and beliefs no longer exists. Yet, you are adaptable and wise. Allow the wisdom of your body and your higher levels of awareness guide you through this phase. Just like the caterpillar holds the codes to transform itself, you too have been given the codes to transition through this time. Allow it to unfold. Stay deliberate and focused. Care for yourselves and each other. Practice compassion and Love. Create clear boundaries and speak from truth and authenticity. There will be time to rest and get your bearings on the other side of this cycle. Just as the butterfly emerges, she needs time for her wings to form and harden before she takes flight. You are exactly where you need to be at this moment for this challenging passage to complete. Trust what you know in your heart. Allow yourselves to be guided and know that all is well.


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