What is Ascension?

The process of ascension is a process of refinement. The energies move through all systems, physical and non physical, pushing all to the surface that can no longer be carried forward. Every time there is a rise in the vibration the energetic sieve becomes finer. The refinement first shifts us energetically which creates a shift in our mental plane. This creates a shift in thought. The shift in thought creates a shift in belief. The shift in belief creates a shift in perception. The shift in perception creates a shift in choice and action. The shift in choice and action creates new experiences, new timelines, and new realities. This cycle aims to take us to ever expanding levels of awareness.

The return of issues, thoughts, beliefs, experiences, or patterns is merely evidence that our relationship with them is being refined. When we re-encounter something, it’s because we now have access to new information which allows a shift in our relationship with it. We always engage and create our world from the highest level of awareness that we have access to. As our level of understanding shifts, so does the world and our place in it. Allowing yourself to be in witness to this process as it moves through you automatically shows you where you can take action. Allow, observe, align, and act. 

In our first steps of a conscious, awakened, experience we often feel stuck in a loop of dysfunction. This occurs when the mind tries to perceive the new, higher, perspective through the lens of our personal history timeline. Linear time is not real. It is a construct of a lower density reality. The mind cannot create from the unknown, it is only an archive of previous experience. When we move into new energies, the mind doesn’t know what to do because it has no frame of reference. This often creates discord because the mind is trying to fit a new reality into an old construct. This is when things begin to fall apart and implode as the new energies come in and overwrite our old storylines. As we begin to move out of the linearly focused experience to one that is aligned with the flow, we shift our point of focus from external to internal, from head to heart. As we make this perspective shift, we see ourselves rising up not only in our internal awareness but also our outer physical experience of our world. As we exit the false construct of linear time, we begin to expand beyond the preconceived ideas of what the mind believes is possible. The heart begins to instruct the mind through inspiration, epiphany, intuition, and revelation. As we become more adept at re-training our mind, we see barriers fall and false limitations collapse. At some point, we see clear evidence that we are always creating our world on some level. We learn that only we know what truth feels like. We see the effects of our choices and beliefs showing up in our experience more and more rapidly. When we create from our truth, it flows. When we don’t, it doesn’t. We realize that what we want and what we require have always been there. We’ve just had to re-learn how to find resonance with it. 

We continue our expansion and reach freer, less dense layers of energy. At some point we find ourselves in almost total surrender to what we know is true and life becomes an effortless, joyful, flow of experience. Even challenging times become merely another note in an eternal composition that we are always co-creating with our greater selves.
We will always have newer levels to ascend or open up to. It is all relative. What at one point, seems like an impossible thing for us to achieve will eventually become simply a way of being. 

Ascension is not an external destination, it is simply a return to the truth of who and what we are beyond the distortion of the lower levels of experience. It is a process of integrating increasingly purer vibrations that open up higher and more refined levels of awareness. As with any journey, there are markers on the path that are important, but the journey itself is infinite.

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