October Channeled Message

Andrew Martin EnergyThis morning I took the time to tune into my non-physical family (as I have taken to calling them these days) and see what was up. I had been getting the familiar “nudge” from them that there was a message, but to be honest, I was kind of ignoring them. LOL. I’ve been in a bit of a funk. My inner entitled self has been throwing tantrums like crazy! So I’ve been pouting.

Like many of us, I’ve been trying to figure out all that’s been going on over the past few months. Once again, I feel a shift in my focus, but it’s been maddening to try and make sense of it. I have been in a really frustrated place. Dealing with questions around money, relationships, what exactly is it that I am supposed to be doing with my practice…you know, the usual. 😉

Normally these conversations are something I do without the intention to share it publicly. It is in many ways a journal of sorts. This message absolutely feels like an expansion of the info that I shared in the most recent Energy Transmission video. (You can find that here: https://youtu.be/giWjfQgZvhM) so I thought it was important to share it with you. (My questions are in bold)


I feel like there is a message for me that is ready to come through. I’ve felt it the past couple of days honestly. After all that I have gone through this year and given my current state, what is it that you want me to know today?

You are becoming. You are expanding, you are moving far far beyond all that you have known. The old echoes of the previous patterns in this life and of other incarnations are being moved to the surface for clearing. From our perspective, we see that most of what remains is merely a memory. A projection of the past. You keep trying to process through the mind which always takes you in a circular path. The mind keeps trying to take a new template, a new awareness, and force it into the old ways. Let it all go.

What happened to me? I used to be so good at allowing this stuff to come through and now I feel like I am falling apart. I feel like the threads have all been pulled and I am just scraps that are barely held together.

Your old projections keep you locked in the old ways. You are living a holographic reality to begin with, but you don’t fully realize or accept this yet. You keep having the same experience because you keep replaying the same old episodes. There is literally nothing standing in your way except the same old fears of the mind. These “blocks” you perceive are 100% only in your mind. There is nothing standing in your way except for your insistence to keep referring to the past. If you’re using your memories and previous experiences as reference points, then you will only keep recycling the same thoughts and information over and over and over.

To break into a new timeline, you must make a new step, a new move, a new choice. The Christed Earth is here. The golden and diamond frequencies are here. They have always been here, but until now you were unable to consciously perceive them because of your vibration point. That point has shifted, but because you haven’t used it as your NEW reference point, you don’t see the experience of it in your outer world. It really is about joy, curiosity, and a sense of fun. What is it that you get really excited by? What is it that makes you feel expansive? You have felt that energy that is calling you forward in your practice, but you keep trying to recreate the old model of safety and stability.

There is nothing wrong with these things except for the fact that you are choosing them out of fear. You choose them not because they are ideal, but because they are familiar and feel safe. They are safe in the sense that they are familiar but it is only the mind that seeks the familiar. They however are not safe in the sense that they don’t bring you the experiences that you really truly desire to have.

You keep going back to the empty Nutella jar thinking that it will be this delicious, satisfying, rewarding experience, but it can’t be. It is already depleted. These re-runs are going to get less and less dynamic as they continue to fall apart. They are already tired and worn out, but your memory of them keeps them viable enough that you can recall and conjure the experience of it. But that’s where it ends. Like that empty jar of Nutella all it is is an empty shell of something that once brought you great joy and satisfaction.

It is time to become more selfish in the sense of where you place yourself in your experience. Are you in the center of your life? Or are you standing adjacent to the center waiting for someone or something to come and relieve you of the “burden” of having to actively create your own life? Are you saving the center of your life for someone or something else?

Let the past serve as a marker. Let it be a threshold that you can use as a point of reference in terms of how you are moving beyond that which you have known. This is really all that linear time is good for you see. It is merely a way to measure progress and growth in your human experience. But there is no “time” that you will be saved, that time is now. There is no “time” when you will be rescued. It is time to rescue yourself from these old perceptions. We see that over and over you keep waiting for someone to come “make” you a success. Don’t you see that you are already a success? You have made it! You are HERE! Now it is time to celebrate that by engaging with the truth that the life you ache and long for is already here, it is merely dormant because you haven’t activated it yet through choice. Your deliberate choice of something is the very thing that catalyzes it to life. It will not be handed to you, it must be chosen. Once it has been chosen, it opens itself up to you for engagement. But putting your power in anything outside of you is a recipe for suffering. You keep expecting the outside world or an outside force to bring you something. To deliver you to something. Don’t you see that the external HAS NO ABILITY TO CREATE! The external is the product of YOUR creation abilities! You are expecting the outside world to bring you something it is incapable of bringing you. The outside world RESPONDS to your desires and your vibrations, it doesn’t create them. All of those dreams and visions you have are yours to create. You certainly aren’t creating them alone, but we can only meet you at the point of action.

If you are still heading down the “other road”. The road of someone else’s creation, then you’ll never create anything for yourself because that’s not a compatible timeline. You can’t make the claim of sovereignty and at the same time attach yourself to a dream or a vision that doesn’t belong to you. You keep asking for success and joy and fulfillment. You keep looking for the “answer” that will unlock the door. The answer is simple. Drop everything that doesn’t 100% feel like you. Lose everything that doesn’t 100% feel like what you want to feel. You keep walking into the kitchen, expecting to see your cake baked and waiting for you. Over and over you do this and then get angry and frustrated when you don’t see it. But haven’t you realized that the ingredients are all here! All you have to do IS BAKE IT!

Something has reawakened in you. The past few months of feeling out of sorts was about losing additional layers of density. There will always be further layers to peel back as long as you are in an individuated experience. Until you return to Source, you will always be in a state of returning. Returning is about losing that which you are not. It is about re-becoming that which you have always been.

The experiences that you have called 3D or 4D or 5D are merely layers of frequency. These layers exist right now. They always have. Just like the radio station with so many options of what to tune into. Just because you are listening to the pop station, doesn’t mean that the rock and roll station isn’t still broadcasting. You just have to learn how to tune into it. You keep waiting for a sign or a marker or someone riding into your experience to proclaim “WE HAVE ARRIVED”! Yet you don’t see how waiting for another to tell you it’s time to choose simply perpetuates the experience of waiting. If you want a life that is filled with love, be more loving NOW. If you want a life that is filled with freedom, find ways to proclaim your freedom NOW! Don’t sit imprisoned in  anger expecting someone to come MAKE you happy. That is impossible! Decide to cultivate happiness NOW! Begin creating Heaven on Earth now. Begin creating a world where everyone has a voice in whatever way you can starting NOW! 

But How?

By feeling your way to it, of course! If you say you want a life of peace and joy, but keep going back to the same things that are void of peace and joy, don’t be surprised when your experience is bereft of the very things you say you want. It all has to start with the feeling. When you are choosing something that is not for you, and you feel your body contracting or withdrawing, that is you communicating with yourself. It is you in your highest form directing you via feeling and emotion. Yet time and time again you choose to move against that direction. As a sovereign being in a free will environment you certainly have the choice to do as you wish, but that won’t change that fact that you still have chosen against yourself.

We are going to give you your own medicine here now. You say “Only you know what truth feels like” This is true. You also say“In every moment with every choice you are either moving away from your truth or towards it. And often times the only way you know which is which is by how you feel” This is also true. It doesn’t get much simpler than that dear friend. What else is there to say?

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