Beliefs and Awareness

Your beliefs and your level of awareness are inextricably intertwined. When you reach a new level of awareness, your beliefs will shift. When you begin to interrogate your beliefs and unravel them, it opens up a new level of awareness. The human brain spends an enormous amount of energy filtering OUT information that it registers as unimportant or that doesn’t fit the acceptable narrative or belief system. Retraining yourself to perceive from intuitive, feeling, and energetic states opens you up to receive information that the brain has often times decided is irrelevant or disruptive to the predominant script that it is always running.

A spiritual practice such as meditation, conscious breathing, mindful awareness etc allows you to expand your perception beyond the VERY narrow, restricted, and censored view of the logical/rational mind. The mind is not a genius, it is not an innovator, it’s a computer. A computer that is very adept at deleting countless bits of information that it has decided are useless.

Trying to perceive intuitive, non-physical, higher expressions of information through your logical/rational mind is like trying to get your email through a calculator. It’s just not what it was built for. Learning how to train your mind to stay silent and in observer mode opens you up to new levels of awareness that have always been there but have been obscured by the linear functions of the brain. Training yourself to lead with your feelings, intuition and energy field gives you access to levels of experience that have been patiently waiting for you to open up so that they can reveal themselves to you.

When you’ve learned how to connect with higher expressions of consciousness and shift your awareness, you see how the “Seeing is believing” way of living is a very sad, limited, experience. Get out of your head and get into your other modes of perception. Allow yourself to be surprised by what else is possible. Ask to be shown another way. Try turning things inside out and just for a bit live by the “Believing is seeing” perspective and prepare to have your mind blown. 

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