Your New Life

There is a new life that is calling you forward. That’s why your current experience is no longer satisfying. You’ve been taught a successful, happy, life is all about external achievement and material things. You’ve been taught to crush your competition and that if you grind and struggle enough you’ll be rewarded. That’s one way to look at it, but is that model sustainable?

What if I told you the life that’s calling you forward promises you far greater satisfaction than the limited experience you’ve been chasing? It’s true. The trick is that you’ve got to feel your way to it. It’s not so much a doing thing as it is a feeling and being thing. Yes, there will be choices, action, and forward movement. There will even be rewards of achievement and physical stuff. It won’t come to you in the same way, and ironically, by the time you get it, it won’t be important in the way it used to. 

The life that is calling you forward will require the complete surrender of your old beliefs. It will be the destruction of every illusion you’ve been sold as truth. You’ll be required to step forward and face your darkest self. It requires you to have complete faith that even though you’ll often have no idea of where you’re headed, you’ll always have the choice of how you feel along the way. You’ve been sold a model where the joy and satisfaction always exist somewhere else. On the other side of 5PM, Friday evening, and your retirement. It’s simply not the way it has to be. You can decide how you want to feel in your life now. You can create the quality of your experience now.

When you claim first how you want to feel in your life and choose that over and over, at some point it appears as if by magic. In order to live this life, you’ve gotta step across the threshold of your comfort zone as many times as it takes. You have to be willing to let the old ways go. You must leave behind what no longer works. You’ve gotta give up the ghost of using someone else’s blueprint to create your world. Welcome to the life you came here to live. This is literally what you were born to do. This is your awakening. Rise and shine.

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