Sphere Healing

The Sphere Healing is a deep dive into your own energy field. In these sessions, we open a space for you to connect directly with the fullness of Self. Immersing yourself into the energy of your divine essence opens up a channel where powerful transformations can occur. 
The “healing” energy comes directly from You, from your Source, so it is attuned precisely for you. There is no requirement to come with issues or problems to fix. The mind doesn’t have to understand what is occurring. In fact, expectations and a laundry list of “stuff” only inhibits what unfolds in these sessions. This is simply a meeting between You and you, where your Creator Self calls the shots. Who better knows what you’re ready for than You?
Essentially this is a trust fall into the highest aspects of your Self. Pure. Simple. Effective. 
SPHERE HEALING SESSIONS – https://tinyurl.com/y9m9pzev

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