The World Needs Your Vision

I think we will look back on this year and see that it has been one of the most pivotal in the history of our planet.  While everyone’s had their own unique experience, there’s been a common thread to it all. In some way, we’re all being faced with a very simple question: “Who is the creator of your reality”?

Is it the government? If so, which government? The one that says these things are ok and those things are not? Or the one that says the complete opposite? Is it your church? If so, which religion? The right one? Or the other one that is always wrong?

Here’s another question: “Who is deciding what is important to you?”

Is it the warring factions on social media shaming you for not doing this, when you should be doing that? Is it the doctor who says these things are safe and these things are not? Or is it the other doctor who is always wrong?
Do you see where I am going with all of this? Where is your authority currently? Where is your seat of Sovereignty? Have you vacated your throne or are you sitting strong?
None of these questions are rhetorical by the way.

The above questions are valuable and there’s another question that I see as central to all of this: Who is the purveyor of truth in your world?

Only you know what truth feels like. So, at this point if the choices you make and the actions that you take don’t align with the truth you feel inside, then it’s time to get clear on what exactly it is that you’re doing.

Over the past month or so, I have been in the process of finding a home and some property to purchase. Since 2012, I’ve had a vision of building a space to support my practice and the work I offer. This space is essentially the physical manifestation of the inner temple I have reconstructed through my own process of awakening and realization. Last week, I completed the process of pre-approval for a mortgage. The number that I was anticipating and the number that I was approved for were about 100K apart, and the numbers weren’t in my favor.  Needless to say, I was really disappointed. I’d spent weeks researching property. The dreams I had been cultivating of a large parcel of acreage and a home from which to build this vision suddenly began to shred at the seams.

I took a long walk through the neighborhood to sit with this new info. The old stories of unworthiness and lack began to rise. The sense of being stuck and at a dead end started to move into my awareness. I sat with these feelings. I bore witness to the stories of limitation and misery, and then I let them go. I treated them with Love and compassion, but I wasn’t about to let any of those aspects jump into the driver’s seat at this stage in the game.

On my way home, I settled into my heart space and said with a smile, “OK Spirit, you have some hurdles in the path to clear. I don’t know how it’s gonna unfold, but I can’t wait to see what mountains you move to create the space for this dream to be realized”.

In that moment, I had a choice in which story I was going to invest my energy in. I wasn’t about to let some numbers on a piece of paper tell me what was possible. Ultimately, what I came to after sitting with it all was that the dream hadn’t changed. The vision was the same. Regardless of what a bank or mortgage company, or loan officer said, I could still feel the same desire urging me forward. It became clear that the most important thing was to honor the truth within. Regardless of what the outside illusion was telling me. I remembered that I have an entire team behind me supporting this dream. I remembered that the “who, what, when, where, how” are not my questions to answer. Suddenly I was excited about finding property that fit within the new parameters I had just received!

My job is to show up. My job is to get clear and then choose. My job is to find the resonance within myself and then act. My job is to make as much room as possible for miracles. My job is to remember that every development and new wrinkle is working for me regardless of what the mind says.

My duty here is to show up to the inner temple, to sit with whatever needs my Love and attention, and to clear the space once again. I know in my heart that support and assistance will arrive when needed. It might not show up according to how the mind thinks it will or should, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t on the way.

What is the current vision you have for your life? While you might not have the details, you can always find the frequency of it. What I mean is, in the absence of concrete facts about what’s next, can you identify the ideal energy, feeling, and emotion you would like to experience? Spend some time reflecting on this.

The world needs your vision. You are here to build the new. Don’t let the external appearance of chaos and collapse tell you that what you came here to do is not possible. We are here to hold our light even in the most intense of storms. Things won’t be upside down forever. Someday in the very near future, the smoke will clear and the dust will settle.
When that happens, there are going to be a lot of people looking for community. There will be many who are ready to leave the broken illusion behind. As we continue to rise, there will be many who consciously step on to the path of reclaiming their sovereign authority. So perhaps rather than continuing to let the world “out there” tell you what is true, maybe it’s time to double down on your trust and faith in your Self and get to consciously creating. The world needs your vision, and only you can bring it forth.


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13 thoughts on “The World Needs Your Vision”

  1. As usual your inspired thoughts are lighting the minds of your readers. I have no doubt that the right place will turn up at the right time and under the right circumstances. Who knows how? Spirit. Our role is to trust and stay clear so we can hear see and feel what we are being led towards and presented with. [PS it is getting easier to trust 🙂 ]

  2. Thank you Andrew! so timely, so appreciated – as you always are. I’ll pass along a little ditty that I put in the footer of my website just this morning: When all is said and done/ Remembered and released/ We have no cause for fussing/ The heart is at peace.

  3. Hello gorgeous one~ I absolutely agree with everything you shared here, your post is spot on and your recipe for manifesting is delicious and pure perfection. As we maintain our clear vision while flowing in our content, complete, fully worthy, fully ready and willing frequency all the puzzle pieces will magically come together. What a magnificent and unexpected treat your post was today~ Thank you beautiful Andrew, as you continue to vibe brightly with spirit, making your requests known, keep your eyes open for your new sacred space as it is anxiously awaiting you. M wah Xx

  4. Oh I love how you shared your thought process. So many of us go through this on various things. Perfect example of what to do when the world thinks you are only worth such and such. Pffft! You got this brother. ❤❤❤

  5. Thank you Andrew. We are miracles, We are resilient, we are divine and we are bad ass. And greater than our environment or circumstances. Love always finds a way. Look forward to seeing your vision unfold. All the very best x

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