My Own Words

Sphere Healing

The Sphere Healing is a deep dive into your own energy field. In these sessions, we open a space for you to connect directly with the fullness of Self. Immersing yourself into the energy of your divine essence opens up a channel where powerful transformations can occur. The “healing” energy comes directly from You, from your …

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Wonky Weirdness

There are some massive ripples moving through our collective field (which will also affect our individual fields) right now as old timelines are collapsing and completing and the new realities rise up and come into focus. Time continues to unravel, getting wobbly(er) and wonky(er). Multiple realities are overlapping, coming in and out of focus as …

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I have been gutted. Stripped bare. I am down to the studs.Empty.2019 was the year of losing my illusion(s).It broke me open and laid me out.Flayed me. Slayed me. I cried, I screamed, I tried to look away. ThoughI did not run. I could not hide.I stood clear.I was there.Tears on my faceblood in my ears.Knots in my …

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