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Thank you for being like the friend who patiently lets me stomp and cry when I need it. Then steps forth with a glitter megaphone and belts a duet with my higher self. Beckoning me to open the door to a new paradigm. Thank you for catalyzing the tipping point as the flint to my spark. Thank you for being brave enough to hold space for my resistance. Thank you for resting in your grounded knowing of truth. Until next time dear friend, mirror, teacher, courageous being of light...” – Susan G

Andrew Martin Energy I’m not really a coach. When I think of a coach, I think of a guy with a clipboard and a whistle screaming at the top of his lungs. That’s definitely not my approach. I don’t even own a whistle.

When I work with someone over a longer period of time, it’s more like a collaborative partnership. It’s a chance for us do a deep dive into your life and explore your vast inner landscape together. With more time available to us, we can see where your sore spots are; as well as the places where you naturally thrive. By expanding how long we work together, we get an opportunity for you to master your life in real time. 12 weeks of sessions open the door to big shifts. Having an objective set of eyes and ears in your corner takes the pressure off of you doing it alone. It allows you to use the reflection  that a mentor provides to track your transformation. To try new approaches and make adjustments. Ensuring that the changes you’re making are positive and lasting. Knowing that I am walking with you, makes it a joyous adventure of self discovery. Not a slog through the graveyard of your personal history. And I promise to leave my clipboard at home. 

The core of my mentorship program is grounded in your relationship with yourself. You already are what you want to be. My job is to help you reclaim the version of you that is buried under the fear, conditioning, and programming you’ve either inherited or adopted. The version of you that is infinitely wise, eternally present, and the Sovereign Authority in your life. Only you know what Truth feels like, and your Truth is the doorway to everything.

Mentorship is an opportunity to partner together for an extended duration. It’s a process where we clarify and refine. It’s a chance to probe beneath the static and the noise so you can get crystal clear on what is really going on. I bring all of my experience, tools, methods, insight, and abilities to the table in service of you. During the mentorship program you get access to me and my full support through the entire 12 weeks. 

You don’t have to have the answers. All you have to do is be willing. Simply show up. That’s it.

The journey begins by meeting yourself where you are. Click the button below to book your free intake call so we can chat. There’s nothing to fear, the only thing that’s waiting for you is a life that feels like paradise. 

The Mentorship Program is a package of 12 sessions. Each session is approximately 60 minutes long. You’ll also receive an MP3 recording of each session. Your investment for the Mentorship Program is $2400.00. *Payment plans are available.

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