Amazing Book full of Revelations and Hope for Renewal! ★★★★★

"Fantastic book by a fantastic teacher. Amar has created a valuable resource for self-inquiry. The kind of book I will reread, take notes on in the margins and refer other to. Reading the book at several moments spurred me to do some journaling and personal self-reflection. The ideas are profound, but Amar's narrative voice and personable style make you feel like you're having tea with a good friend while unpacking all of your baggage. Thank you, Amar!" - Teresa S. Simpson

The Perfect Accompaniment to a Spiritual Awakening ★★★★★

"I have always admired Amar's raw honesty and wisdom as a spiritual guide. He always has humour alongside profound insights and this book distills his knowledge into 86 chapters that are clear, concise and easy to dip into. Amar is a bright spark in the spiritual world - he keeps it real and is without pomp or pretension. His straight-talking truth and lightness of being is a welcome relief in a sometimes overly saturated and oftentimes earnest 'community' of palo santo-waving, crystal clutching superficialistas! With Amar you get the golden wheat not the chaff. This book is an essential oracle to have as a grounding and sane companion while the world swirls around us." - Loz


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