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Rise Up. There is always a higher way. Choosing another perspective is the only way you can shift your current circumstances. Standing within the frequency of your obstacle binds you to it. When you want to create something new…choose again from another vantage point.

Imagine that you are standing on a platform. The platform represents your challenge. Close your eyes and picture that you are standing on this platform. As you breathe and center yourself, you are expanding your energetic body. As you expand, you begin gently rising above this platform.

Now, in your mind’s eye, imagine that you are floating above the platform. Picture that you are looking down upon it with a “bird’s eye view”. Feel the resonance of your higher place and root into it. What does it feel like from your new perspective? What kind of guidance and inspiration come to you from your new perspective? Consider that this new vantage point is the place where you can access the solution. What does the solution feel like?

Now, take a look at your problem again. What details have you missed? What else can you see from your new vantage point that you were unable to see before? What greater context has your situation now become a part of?

Rise Up!

The old ways kept you locked in struggle and fear and you were taught to believe that the only way out of a problem was to suffer and slog through it. You were lead to believe that because YOU did something wrong, your circumstances were created to punish you.

Of course, now you know this is not true. Yet, still, for some of you your mind is locked in the old programming. Perhaps there is some area of your life that still hasn’t quite caught up with everything else. Never mind that…it’s merely showing you where you are being called to focus your Love and Compassion. There is NO area that is separate from another. There is NO area of your life that is separate, period. It is all part of the fabric of All That Is.

Rise Up!

When you don’t know there is another way, it is understandable that you should feel isolated, defeated and alone. However, you know better by now.

Remember all that you have recalled of the true nature of life and what you truly are.

Rise Up!

So yes…when you don’t know, it is understandable that fear would be your only way.

But, now you do know there is another way.

Now you can’t pretend you are still powerless.

So have compassion for the parts of your self that still linger in the old ways, but don’t allow them to wallow.

Rise Up!

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