Guided Meditations Are LIVE!!

I am SO freaking excited to announce that my guided meditations are finally live!
This has been a project on my “To-do” list for so long now. I am thrilled that the day is finally here!

I’ve got 7 meditations total for you.
4 of my most popular meditations that I have used in healing sessions, workshops and in my videos are all here.
I’ve also got 3 brand new never before heard meditations for you too!
As if that weren’t enough, I am giving away downloads of “The Basic Meditation” for free!

Go to the “Shop” button on my site and you will see “The Basic Meditation” is currently priced as Free!
Add it to your cart and follow the prompts to check out and BOOM! It’s yours. :)

I can’t wait for you to experience these meditations I have created for you!


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