June 2016 Energy Update – Tough Love Lessons

Here we go!
Needless to say, the energies this week have been crazy intense! I am calling them The Steamroller of Love!
Comfort zone? Gone.
Safety net? Gone.
Illusions? Dying on the vine. Every last one.
That’s what this Ascension game is all about, folks. Freeing ourselves. Freeing ourselves from all of it. Liberating ourselves in turn liberates the collective. One soul at a time.
How will you recognize Authentic Love if you don’t know what it feels like?
Pile on the massive energies that are being brought up for release by the current US political drama and we’ve got a LOT on our plates.
Of course it’s nothing that we Masters can’t handle…but man! What a ride this week has been!

Thanks as always for watching.



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