July Energy Forecast: Who The Hell Am I Now?

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July is the beginning of the re-creation of who we are on the other side of the powerful energies of June.

June broke us apart and purified us on a deeper level than ever before. The third wave of ascension is in full effect. These energies were powerful by design, because there were a lot of people who were still really deeply asleep in the illusion. This alarm had to be big and powerful in order to reach them.

So who are you now? More importantly who are you without the story of who you were?

The void that we often feel after such powerful energies (lack of energy, drive, feeling dispassionate, lost or listless) is merely the merging of the Divine Self with the personality. Now emerges the Divine Human.

So who are you now? You are your truth.

We are now building from the truth…free from illusion.

You don’t need permission to speak your truth, but your truth requires your permission to be spoken. You are the only one who can give it a voice.

That’s your work. Start now.

Thanks as always for watching. <3


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