Spiritual Maintenance 101

gasoline rainbow The intention of this post is not to incite fear, but to get you to take a measured, practical approach to your spiritual path.

The work that I do is built upon the foundation of Self Empowerment Through Spirit. I aim to teach you how to do what I do for yourself in a way that is practical, healthy and real.

There are two tools that I feel are absolutely necessary to a healthy, balanced, spiritual experience.

1) The most powerful tool we have as beings of Spirit in a human experience is our sense of discernment. Our bodies are amazing transmitters and receivers of energy/information. When we are reading something or listening to someone or connecting to or channeling energies, it is crucial that we trust our gut. If something feels off or doesn’t feel right, trust that. You don’t always have to know WHY you feel off, do you? If you’re walking down a dark alley and get the gut instinct that says “don’t go down there” would you really want to continue down the alley just to find out why? Or is it enough to trust and take a different path?

My advice is to never ever believe what anyone says (including me!) without running it through your own Bullshit Meter first. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right for you. Full stop. Trust your inner guidance to tell you. Even the clearest channel is still a human and it is almost impossible for a little of our own “stuff” not to rub off on the information that we share. A friend and I were just discussing this and she said “It’s like panning for gold. Keep the nuggets and throw back the rest”! Bingo.

2) The other tool that is paramount to a healthy spiritual experience is your Spiritual Hygiene. Some call it psychic protection, grounding, running and clearing energy…there are a million ways it can be done and it is called by many names.

The reason this is so important is not so much as an act of protection (this to me has a vibration of feeling fear based) but more in line with being sensible and prepared about it. Would you jump out of an airplane without a parachute saying “Oh, I don’t have to worry, my vibration is so high, that I’ll be fine!”

Would you post your credit card, email, address, phone number, pin number and alarm security code on the internet for everyone to see?

Without going too far down the rabbit hole, the truth is that it’s a BIG universe out there and there are shady sorts of beings who like to play tricks, create havoc and mischief and generally mess with whomever is available. Regardless of their intentions, if we are doing our spiritual hygiene and maintenance then we have nothing to fear. We brush our teeth and wash our bodies so we should do the same for our energy systems. Athletes always stretch and warm up before the big game, and so should we too ground and center and call in our light teams before we open up.

Going up “there” to just float around in the ether with no clear intention and no measures of energetic maintenance is just irresponsible.

One of the biggest Spiritually Transmitted Diseases out there is that everything is just airy fairy love and light and that if my vibration is just high enough, I don’t have to worry about anything.

It’s called a spiritual PRACTICE. It is a life long dedication to the truth. The foundation of that practice is the most important part. Never stop growing, learning and exploring, but be clear about it. Don’t assume that every being (physical and/or non-physical) has your best interests at heart. With Sovereignty comes great power…and with great power comes great responsibility.

Arm yourself with a clear intention and an open heart, but don’t be sloppy about it.

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