Fear and Love

Fearfear and love  is a tyrant. Fear is a bully. Fear is a liar. Love is an ally. Love is a friend. Love is the truth. Fear is the voice that commands you. Love is the voice that inspires you.

Fear is the illusion. It’s the coward hiding behind the curtain distracting you from the truth. Fear is the empty promise trying to convince you that the old, painful, patterns will be different if you give in one more time.

Love is the truth. Love is the force of nature that uplifts you. It is the vibration that shatters illusion. Love is what pushes you to step over the threshold of the comfortable, familiar, place so you can claim the life you dream of.
Fear has a stake in convincing you to believe it. Fear is a closed loop. Fear has no agenda other than creating more fear. It is completely and totally self focused, self absorbed and self referential. There is no outcome to fear other than more fear. The only answer is to realize that fear is a choice and the only way out is to choose something else. What fear doesn’t want you to remember is that you are sovereign, infinite, and divine. Once you allow this truth to emerge, it’s only a matter of time before fear begins to collapse.
Love is the eternal force that patiently waits for you to choose it. Love is the still, small, voice that quietly reminds you who you really are. Love will never force you to choose beyond what you are capable of. Love is unconditional. Love allows you to choose fear over and over and over. Love loves you so much that if it takes a million lifetimes for you to finally realize the truth, it will be waiting for you with open arms. Love will never make you do anything. It will only allow you to choose. To decide. Love is what you came from, Love is why you came here, Love is what you are.
So ask yourself when you are confronted with any choice. Are you being commanded into action? Or inspired into growth?
Love knows who and what you really are and it is always prompting you to realize this. Love is not the easy choice. Love is the choice of freedom and liberation. Love is the choice that requires you to abandon you fear. Love is the bravest choice of all.


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