Happy Solstice

If something is to be taken from you it’s because you no longer require it for your experience. If something can be taken from you, it never really belonged to you in the first place.

The Winter Solstice energies are all about celebrating the return of the light. The light returns to shine on our lives and show us the progress we’ve made up to this point. It illuminates for us what we no longer need. It offers us a beautiful opportunity to enter the new year reborn, renewed and reunited with the light that we are. Free from the burdens of the past. Whatever is asking to be set free, let it go. Whatever is longing to be released, loosen your grasp. To surrender what we think we still need is a huge act of faith. It is the ultimate show of trust to willingly let go and allow the universe to bring you something far greater than what you can create alone.

We enter 2017 now as conscious co-creators of our experience. We are unified with our divine selves and we cross the threshold with open hearts, and pure intentions. Fully claiming our role as Divine Humans ready to step forth and actively do our part for the ascension of all that is. So if it’s asking to go, let it go and allow yourself to receive what’s waiting for you with grace and gratitude. Happy Solstice!


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