January Soul Expansion

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January is here! We made it to 2017 and these energies are BIG! Anything is possible in 2017 as we emerge into the promise of pure potential.

In this month’s Soul Expansion we will:

• Do a guided meditation to release and complete any unresolved energies of 2016.

• Open up to question and answers about what the new year holds

• Build a field of energy to support us in doing energy work as a group

• Create powerful shifts to help gather momentum for our journey through the upcoming year

• Call in, anchor, and begin to integrate the magnificent energies of 2017!!

This is going to be a powerhouse meeting! The energy that has been building for this gathering started a few days ago and it is beautiful. You definitely don’t want to miss this one!

These Soul Expansion gatherings have been getting more and more popular so I have upped the attendee limit to 100 people.

• The start time listed is West Coast (PST) time

• This group is limited to 100 individuals, and spaces will go quickly

• Each participant will receive a free MP3 of the event

• Prior to the event please download the Zoom mobile app or log into the desktop client at Zoom.us to download the meeting launcher 

• Once you have registered you will receive the meeting invite as well as the password to enter the meeting room on the day of the event 

This event is open to all who wish to participate. Please feel free to share the link and invite your friends too!


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