You’re the Key

TheYou're the Key experience of fear (or any emotion) is merely evidence that you’re experiencing the body’s fear/emotion response. It is not proof that there is actually something to be afraid of. Being aware of this and knowing it as truth is part of walking your path as a Master.

The Path of Mastery requires us to become our own advocate and our greatest ally. Part of this process requires taking a detailed inventory of every thought, emotion, story, belief and feeling that we have thus far held up as true. Our thoughts and feelings are nothing more than an amalgamation of our past experiences and choices filtered through the individual and collective human mind. We have every right and a sacred duty to unapologetically and compassionately begin to interrogate our own thoughts and emotions. The act of lovingly being present with our inner state in each and every moment is how we eventually begin to shift our outer world.

Become unrelenting in your allegiance to truth. Be fearless in your willingness to investigate and discard every outdated, fucked up, idea and belief you have about who you are and what you’re worth. Be diligent, relentless, and tenacious in your quest to ferret out the root of any misalignments within your energy field.
Whether you’re bold and daring or quiet and reserved, the process of purification is not easy. It’s often exhausting and extremely uncomfortable. Yet it’s the only way to create a life where peace and joy are your default settings.

You’ve gotta be willing to ask the tough questions.
You’ve gotta be willing to hear the tough answers.
You’ve gotta be willing to say no.
You’ve gotta be willing to say YES!
You’ve gotta be willing to draw new boundaries and to demolish old barriers.
You’ve gotta be willing to learn how to turn and face difficult feelings and discomfort without avoiding, numbing or self-medicating.
You’ve gotta be willing to surrender to your innate alignment with Love.

You didn’t come here to play Chutes and Ladders. You came here for an experience that would challenge you at a level commensurate with your ability. Mastery is not easy for the human self but it is inevitable. You know this, and it’s exactly why you came back.
You wanted nothing more than another opportunity to expand and evolve. You’re here because you asked to be. You’re here because you wanted to be. You’re here to learn that every thing that is not of Love is an illusion.
Source Loves you no matter what you choose. It is unconditional. Period.

There is nothing you can ever say or do that will separate you from the Love that you are. Know this as truth and rest in it when you’re weary. Let it be your shelter when you’re afraid or unsure. Let it carry you when you’re certain you can’t take another step on the path.
You’re an ancient soul that has done this countless times. Your only desire is to know Love in a way you’ve never known it before. That’s why you keep coming back. For Love.
So it’s ok if you’re afraid and not exactly sure what it is you’re supposed to be doing or where you’re going. Know that these insecurities are only evidence that you’re moving through uncharted territory, and that’s the whole point.
You’ve got this and it’s got you. There’s no way you’ll fail. It’s already been written and you’re the one who wrote it.
So get on with it, beautiful one. Love is calling you, inviting you to journey on. There are so many amazing experiences waiting to be unlocked and you’re the key.


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