The Collapse of The Shadow Construct

Andrew Martin There is SO much going on in this post, a lot of things converging here. I’ve done my best to sort it out so it’s not too terribly convoluted.

I’ve been through such a powerful shift since leaving Seattle at the end of March. I’ve been commenting to my friends and colleagues how in many ways it has felt as if I have lived multiple lifetimes in less than a month!

I arrived in Brooklyn a week ago. I think back to the last few days I spent in Seattle and they feel like a million miles away. I really can’t even find an energetic connection to that part of my life anymore. After I left Seattle, I went to Wyoming and then on to Kansas to spend time with family. I grew up in Wyoming and Kansas was in essence my other childhood home. I loved being back in both places spending time with loved ones. Yet I found myself feeling like I was walking through an old movie set that had been abandoned. What I was looking for just wasn’t there anymore except as a memory or an old story in my mind.

Coming back to NYC added another layer of oddness. I’ve had the very palpable feeling that somehow I’ve plugged myself back into an old timeline that has been waiting for me. Like something was paused and now it has resumed. Yesterday when I was walking around the city, I snapped a photo of the last place I lived in NYC in 2005. I captioned it: “My old apartment on 83rd st. The last place I lived in NYC before my life fell apart. Divine destruction. I’m so grateful things happened the way they did. Freedom is being able to see the entirety of your life with gratitude.”  A few moments later, my friend Shelley Young  from Trinity Esoterics sent me a message on Facebook –
“As I saw your latest apartment pic, I felt compelled to share. I’ve had this idea or theory rolling around in my mind the past few months that this endless release cycle we’ve been on over the past couple of years has actually been our life review – that we are doing it here in the body rather than going home before we step forward into what could be almost considered a second incarnation in the same body.”

A couple of days earlier my friend David Manning from David Manning Energy Work posted this wonderful article he wrote about the False Light Construct. I mentioned to him how I found it so fascinating that so many of us who are doing this work of service through Spirit are sharing info that is so parallel.

This morning I was meditating for the first time in a long time. I haven’t been able to meditate deeply in months. Today was different. I felt pulled to meditate, a very strong inner prompt to sit and be still. As I was sitting I found all of these old thoughts coming up to be witnessed. I felt this wall of energy build in my gut. It felt almost like a metal plate it was so strong and rigid. I kept my awareness there and as it started to move up my body it shifted and softened. It started to morph. I heard very clearly “that which has been kept bound in the physical is now coming undone as it merges with the higher aspects.” I started to hear the phrase “shadow construct” over and over. I wasn’t sure what it meant and so I asked for clarification. At that moment, on the street outside my window someone drove by with their music blasting. It was hip hop and I didn’t recognize the artist, but I heard the lyric “the illuminati” very clearly. Suddenly the connection was made. The false construct, the matrix is collapsing. The next few minutes I sat and received a whole lot of info via a download. I haven’t received info this way in a long time.

I opened my eyes and went to my computer to write. I have a file called “higher self chats” that has become like a running journal. I use it as a way to channel info direct from myself when I am seeking guidance or clarity. What I thought would be a simple response to my question, turned into the post that I’m sharing with you now. It’s another piece to the very interesting puzzle we’re all playing a part in assembling.


Where am I right now? There seems to be such a conflict. Like I am at odds with so much that is within me. It feels like two steps forward and three steps back. It feels like I am suspended within my experience…almost outside of my experience. What do you want me to know about what I am experiencing right now?

This is the collapse of the shadow construct. Everything in your life (and your world) that has been built upon illusion is collapsing. There are also multiple timelines within your experience that are collapsing and completing. These things are occurring simultaneously and are massive in scale. The parts of you that have held you captive are being loved into integration. This is happening individually as well as on a collective level.

Much of what we are sharing here is not new, but bear with us as we set the context for what is occurring now. When you are born into an incarnation you are complete in your sense of who and what you really are. You are integrated with the truth that you are an infinite being who has chosen a finite expression. No matter the details specific to your circumstances for that life, you are in complete acceptance of them. You know as a being who is embodying the integrated state (the human/finite and the divine/infinite simultaneously) that your choices have brought you to the beginning of another individuated experience. On Earth, you have been born into a system that is full of false constructs and distortions. You are born into a manipulated matrix of reality. A reality, that by design has been engineered against you. You knew this coming into it, but agreed to have that awareness buried within you until a specific point in time.

The ideas that the shadow construct has been built upon are always focused on external control and the lie that you are powerless. The lies that you are broken, sick, and borne of sin. You have been conditioned to believe that the key to your happiness, your wellness, your salvation etc is always “out there” in the hands of another. Whether that other is an individual or an institution, the fact remains that you have all been taught to rely on the system outside of you. As a result of this, your innate abilities to manifest and create for yourself have atrophied. You have been taught to seek from the very system that was built to keep things from you. You can see that this creates a very warped false reality from which there has been no escape. That is, until recently.

In all of creation there is balance. You see this in all naturally occurring structures and systems. The cycles and rhythms that govern all things always find their way to equilibrium. Even though this manipulated reality has been very persistent and from the perspective of the beings who created this reality, quite successful, it is collapsing and imploding at an exponential rate. The momentum that has built as the shadow construct unravels is marvelous in its power.

From your perspective as a human trying to make sense of all of it, it can seem disorienting and overwhelming. We understand this and have great regard for what you have chosen to undertake. Going through the Earth experience as a human is no small feat. 

As you evolve and grow from a baby to an adult, you are in essence programmed or overwritten to focus externally. You are taught to ignore or disregard your innate source (the source of all that you seek) and to seek from the shadow construct. This creates energetic imbalances and lopsided structures. Your human self (your ego/mind) is very easy to manipulate and seduce as it generally only puts faith in what it can experience through the physical senses. Through repetition and your experience of history you are taught very early that seeking from the externalized world is the only path to happiness, fulfillment, success, acceptance and wellness. This creates great suffering. How can you ever be fulfilled by the very system that was created to keep you from fulfillment? Through the constant external focus you have created war, disease, addiction, depression, psychosis, competition, depletion, scarcity…the list goes on.

So now, where you stand, it is time for the shadow construct to fall, and it is. The role that you have chosen to play here is to love all aspects of yourself back into integration. Whatever is incomplete or unfinished is calling you back to it so that you can see it through the eyes of gratitude. You received the message yesterday “Freedom is being able to see the entirety of your life with gratitude”. The limitations that you were born into during this lifetime on Earth have brought you immense power as you have dismantled them. As you have risen up through the incredible density of this false matrix you have rediscovered the remarkable truth of who and what you really are. Now that you have begun to embody this truth you are integrating anything within you that still stands opposed to it.

Whenever you create from the belief that the shadow construct is real, you create a false construct within a false construct. Inevitably a life that is built upon illusion will imprison you. At some point what once felt like liberation will feel like obligation. We know that you don’t have to look very far to see this truth being played out on the collective stage.

As you move through an experience of any lifetime, you move through different timelines and dimensions. There are certain paths that for many reasons remain incomplete as you move to another point in reality. It’s kind of like putting a movie on pause and leaving the room. Often times you will have multiple movies on pause in multiple rooms. Now you are tasked with revisiting these old timelines and realities where those old constructs still exist and dismantling them. This can feel frustrating and disorienting because you are in essence returning to an expression of yourself that you may not entirely resonate with any longer. As the shadow construct falls, it reveals the aspects of self (both individual and collective) that still believe the false construct is real. The destruction of the old reveals the places that still ask for your love and acceptance. Contrary to what your mind would tell you, this really is quite simple in that all you are required to do is see it through the eyes of love and gratitude.

Much of what you are experiencing in the current energy corridor is far beyond the comprehension of the mind. It is most important to connect to the energy, the feeling, of your experiences regardless of what the mind does or does not understand. So your mission at this moment is to sit with those old versions of self. To love them as they are. To see them with compassion and tenderness. To embrace them with all of their shortcomings. To subsume them. They do not require healing or fixing. The only ask for your acceptance of them. Where do you still hold yourself apart from the truth of what you are? Where do you still withhold unconditional love from yourself? Where do you still judge, condemn and reject yourself? Find these places within yourself and you will also see where you hold others in the same fashion.

As you integrate these aspects by accepting them, the old timelines collapse and you untether yourself from them. As you are freed from them they no longer anchor you in place. As you return to your state of embodying your wholeness, your life becomes clearer and simpler. The clarity and freedom that comes from acceptance of all that you are becomes an end unto itself. You remember that your natural state is one of joy and that all you ever have to do is to seek the highest expression available to you in any given moment.

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