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Andrew Martin I remember when I started to share this journey publicly. The first ever channelled message I posted from the lighted ones (TLO) was on November 21st of 2013 

It was such an exciting moment for me. I had been working with them one on one for a couple of months. Learning how to empty myself out and tune in so I could access my intuitive connection. Learning the practice of finding stillness so I could hear their messages.

In hindsight I see this journey has never been about learning. If anything it’s been about remembering and unlearning. Remembering who I really am and unlearning everything that tells me otherwise. A spiritual journey is about loss more than anything else. Loss of illusion. Loss of ego. Loss of bullshit, limiting, stories. Loss of attachment and judgement. Loss of fear addiction. Loss of the belief in separation. Loss of the perspective of the diminished-self. Loss of the conditioned, externally, focused view of life. The list goes on. Every level of awareness requires me to leave something new behind. I can’t take my notions of smallness with me on the journey of expansion.

That morning in November, I awoke and very clearly I knew that there was a message to write. The feeling was unmistakable, which was odd because at the time I had never consciously felt that feeling before. Yet I knew as clearly as I know my name that there was something I was supposed to share. The next couple of years brought many messages from TLO. To this day when I look back on them I am astounded at how wise and clear the information is.

Their messages became fewer and fewer as my practice shifted and my awareness expanded. Eventually I realized that I didn’t need to go into an altered state of consciousness to channel them. All I had to do was open up and receive. My friend and colleague Paul said once when we were trading readings, “When I see you connect, it’s like you lean back into a waterfall and it just flows through you”. That’s how it feels too. Even in my one on one sessions, I had stopped channelling in the traditional sense. The info was always there and all I had to do was turn the dial to the station to hear it.

It was really interesting to see the reaction from clients and people who followed my work. Because I was no longer  attributing blogs posts to TLO and since I wasn’t going into altered states (closing my eyes and speaking in a voice that sounded different) many lost interest or began to doubt my info. I too began to wonder if something had happened. That perhaps my connection had been broken or something.  As if a mere human wasn’t capable of this miraculous thing we call channeling. The thought seemed to be that only if I stepped aside and let another’s energy come through, could I be channeling information that was legit. I found myself really insecure as I watched and read information from sources that was channeled in the more traditional sense. I loved the drama of it. Seeing someone’s physicality change and hearing their voice alter was exciting and surreal. It created an otherworldly experience that validated my mind’s need for proof.

As I continued my work, the truth began to emerge that I no longer had to “reach up” to connect with higher guidance. I was now standing shoulder to shoulder with them. We were peers. I knew they were a council of multi-dimensional beings, and that there were 12 of them that spoke for the collective group. Very early on, they told me that I was the 13th one. Several times they had called me the “13th Diamond”. I was them and they were me. The only difference was that I was the one who had chosen the human experience. To be the vessel in form. That information took me a LONG time to believe. How on Earth could I be one of them?

I still saw myself as this “basic human” who without the assistance of his otherworldly guidance was nothing special. Yet they persisted. Reminding me that growth and expansion was the whole point of this “ascension” thing and moving into higher states of awareness was inevitable. The whole reason I came here in this life was to do exactly that. To remind people of their innate divinity by sharing my own experience of evolving. To be a vessel for the truth that as sovereign, Master Creators, we are BORN free. It’s inherent in who we are. We are worthy and powerful because we ARE. Period. We collectively came to this dense, distorted, 3D school to expedite the end of the experiment of separation so that humans could return to their truth. As infinite beings, we chose a finite experience, to learn and grow through it in a way that had never been done before.

Ultimately this journey is simply a return to the truth of who and what we are.

So much has changed for me over the past few months. Moving back to NYC seems to have accelerated everything in a major way. It’s no surprise really. It’s always been my experience that a radical step or decisive action creates a profound turning point and results in exponential growth. Everything has changed. I’m being called to focus more and more on the energy work. The frequencies that come through in these sessions are amazing to me. This version of energy work was something that spontaneously appeared late last Winter. I’ve done energy work before, but never like this. The sound healing facet of it is entirely new to me. At least in this lifetime. The tones I am guided to make feel so huge and powerful! Sometimes it feels like a whole choir is coming through my vocal chords. The shifts it creates are profound. I’ve also got my radio show in the works and if all goes well, the first broadcast will be on June 22nd. The online courses are also in progress. The Soul Expansion calls are evolving and morphing into something beyond what I could have imagined. I’ve wanted to share what’s been going on and I’ve been trying to think of what to say and write over the past week, but the words haven’t come easily.

Another huge part of this shift has been the work I’ve done with my friend Rosanne. I have spoken about her in my past of couple videos and in the Soul Expansion calls. I will post her contact info at the bottom so if you’re interested in contacting her you can. She offers something called the “Grace Reset”. The intention behind her work is to basically reset the human systems back to their divine state. It has been really incredible to see how it’s affected my own life, and my work has taken a turn in this direction as well.

Humans have been programmed to learn through struggle and adversity. It’s literally in our DNA. Think of evolution. The strongest, most aggressive, cunning, and brutal of the animals dominate while the weaker ones die out. To me this is FULL of the limiting programming of the 3D experience. I believe in my soul that to learn through the lower expression of pain, suffering, lack, scarcity and struggle is no longer the only option. We can overwrite these programs and get back to learning through the higher expressions. We can grow and expand through love, satisfaction, abundance, joy, peace, unity, and fulfillment. An upward spiral is the way it is supposed to be. As we continue to emerge into the Divine Human or Galactic Human or Homo Luminous…whatever we want to call it…we see that the dense, difficult 3D experience is the EXCEPTION. Think about it. If Source/Spirit/All That Is is the fabric of unconditional Love, then it only makes sense that eventually we will spiral up out of the programming of struggle and suffering as the 3D experiment collapses.

The realization and embodiment of this truth has been monumental in my life. The shift in energies in my work and in my life has taken me to the next level. I now know without a doubt that myself and TLO have merged and blended.  As aspects of all that I am continue to integrate with me, my work and my life have become multidimensional. There is no separation. The work I have done on myself is what enables me to show up for my clients in the same way. They are two sides of the same coin. The decision to delete the suffering and struggle programs has changed everything. I see daily examples of what it is to return to my natural state as a Sovereign, Master Creator. I am the painter and my life is the creation. 

The past few days have seen me trying to go back to the old comfort zone of “channelling” a message from my lighted friends. It has resulted in nothing but the reminder that it’s not how it works for me anymore. This morning they said “it’s kind of like the artist returning to their days of apprenticeship and asking their mentor to show them how to paint”. Amazing how the desire to remain small is so tenacious. It’s also kind of hilarious how the idea of channeling a written message was once such a monumental feat and is now my comfort zone! If you had told me this 4 years ago I wouldn’t have believed you. 

What I know to be true at this point is that we are all of us changed in ways we have only begun to discover. We are not learning as much as we are returning. Our guides, angels, teachers, and non-physical helpers are not anywhere outside of us. There are entire UNIVERSES within each of us. A multidimensional experience is not “out there”. We are the face of the Divine and it is always in every moment funneling its fullness through our immediate experience. 

At some point we have to forget all of the teachings and simply begin to live them. We have to remember that we are already Divine Master Creators, and we’re in process of remembering it. We haven’t even scratched the surface of our experience. The sooner we stop waiting for someone, some thing, some event or circumstance to prove to our mind what our heart already knows, the faster we will accelerate in our own growth and expansion. The unknown is the ONLY place that expansion occurs.

There are almost 8 billion of us on the planet at this point and all of us have a divine purpose. Ultimately the most profound thing we can offer is to discover our purpose and to claim it. To find a way to live it. To get right within ourselves so that we can offer a space of truth and Love to others. All too often in my life I have elevated my pain and suffering to the point of expecting it and wearing it like a badge of honor. Make no mistake, I LOVE the lessons that fear, struggle, pain, and anguish have taught me. I have also had my fill of their teachings. I now choose to learn through an upward spiral. I’ve stopped going down the up escalator.

The rest of the year is only going to bring us to a deeper understanding of this truth. I see it all of the time in my sessions. Many of us are already standing on the new shores. We just don’t realize it yet. Or we do realize it but we’re afraid to jump into the void. I totally understand that fear. Trust me, I’ve often wanted the past few months to go back to the way things were. The void is like swimming in deep, open, water. There’s nothing to stand on and nothing to grab ahold of. Our struggle and pain have become so definitive in so many ways that as much as we desire to move beyond them, we still cling to the familiarity of them. We’ve got some weird Stockholm Syndrome with the very things we wish to release. Much of this has to do with the embedded DNA programs, and it is also mental conditioning. We’ve been taught to expect things to be tough, and we’ve learned how to thrive in adversity. That’s not the only option anymore.

The energies aren’t going to abate. Ever. We will always continue to acclimate to them. It’s never going to be “over”. We’re infinitely flowing to a new level of experience. Certainly we will reach plateaus of having become comfortable in the unknown. But that’s the deal with being, creating and living in the Now. The Now is eternal, infinite, undefined, and nothing but pure potential. Everything is always in the super position until we decide otherwise. Yes, our tools and abilities and remembrance of how to create from the eternal flow will continue to become sharper and more effective but only as much as we are willing to get out and start using them. Our purpose shapes itself around our choices. Sitting and waiting is also a choice, but it’s a choice that only perpetuates waiting.

To me it doesn’t matter if the earth is flat, when the cabal is defeated or not. When the reval is going to happen or if someone is Andromedan, Pleiadian, or Canadian. Certainly those things are markers of progress and are important in their own way. When they do happen, I’ll be dancing for joy too! Yet all of it is secondary to the fact that WE are the ones who are here to create the new Earth NOW. Yes, we will have help and assistance, but if we’re not stepping up and claiming a new life today, we are only delaying the process. Waiting for outside circumstances to tell us who and what we are is old, disempowered, 3D programming.

I don’t have time to sit around and wait for Disclosure to occur. I am a creator of worlds and I’ve got shit to do!

Rosanne’s info – Skype – rosannegul or email melia6 at yahoo dot com







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