End Fear Worship

Andrew Martin

Fear is a tyrant, a bully, and a liar.
Fear is a tool that is used to manipulate, separate, and control.
Fear has convinced you that it cares about you. That it will keep you safe. That it has your best interests at heart.
None of that is true.
Fear needs you, but you don’t need fear.
Without your attention and belief, fear is nothing more than a hollow monster mask.
Fear is a muscle. When you feed it and nurture it, it grows big and strong.
It’s time to cultivate a new response.
it’s time to look through a new lens.
It’s time to stop bowing at the feet of fear.
It’s time to stop offering up your joy, your peace, your health, your wealth, your attention and your time.
Rise up, step forward, and move through fear.
Let fear atrophy, let it go, let it die.
End fear worship.
End it now.


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