The Liberation Timeline of August

Andrew Martin

July was such a potent energetic passage! The physical plane was affected big time as the July frequencies pushed many things to conclusion. Our individual bodies were clearing out old programs causing many of us to re-engage with old stories, symptoms, memories and experiences. Often times with such intensity that we thought we were regressing rather than progressing.

Our collective body continued to see massive chaos and dissolution of the old institutions and structures that simply aren’t supported by the new energy fields. When the support is withdrawn energetically, we see it manifest as physical changes, chaos, surprise plot twists, implosions and unexpected developments. Literally the rug is being pulled out from underneath the lower density structures and they no longer have the support to maintain their structural integrity.

The big shift that occurred in September ( brought in these changes at the frequency level. This shift has been building and now we’re finally seeing it expressed in our physical experience. Energy starts at the higher (often times what we perceive as non-physical) levels and as it slows down and takes on density it eventually arrives at the physical plane. By the time it gets to the physical level it’s already old news, so to speak, because the physical plane is the last stop on the energy train. So the chaos and discord we are seeing is actually the completion of the September shifts. The cycle from energy impulse (thought, intention, desire, etc) to physical form (manifestation, actualization, etc) is getting shorter and shorter as we move into the higher frequencies. Instant manifestation is no longer just an idea, it’s something we will see more and more profoundly as we continue on.

I know it often times seems for many of us that things are getting worse. The destruction that is required to make way for the new can often seem overwhelming. But really, we are prepared for this because we’ve already gone through it in our own way. Consider the huge changes you’ve experienced internally over the past few years. Think back to who you were even 6 months ago. The upheaval of your old life was the precursor to these planetary changes. It always happens internally on an individual level first. As the frequency holders and the way showers, the leaders and the spirit guides in human form, we always go through it first. Why is that? Because someone has to be there to hold space for the new reality. We have chosen to be anchors for these new frequencies so the new experience could be shaped and formed. We go through it first to integrate the energies so that we are able to hold space for them. We need to be an energetic match to them so we can partner with Gaia to be the physical vessels for these spectacular frequencies. We are the support columns, the load bearing walls, for these new energetic structures. This is what we volunteered for. To be the wave that went through it before the majority of our Earth neighbors so that we could prepare the space for them to inhabit. Once they arrive, we pass the torch and are able to move to a new experience while they now do their part to be the leaders for another wave of awakening beings and so on and so on.

August holds powerful planetary alignments that offer a massive energetic push to anchor us in whatever timeline we have been focusing on. If we’ve been moving in the direction of our soul’s calling and purpose we will experience clarity, satisfaction, and support coming in.  If we’ve been denying, resisting, controlling, or avoiding, it’s going to be a rougher road. The beautiful thing is that shifts and actualization are almost instantaneous now in these new timelines. When we drop the struggle, tune into our inner truth, and allow ourselves to be carried by the flow we immediately re-orient ourselves towards the higher reality. The experience of the Liberation Timeline is for everyone. Nobody is excluded from this higher expression. The only caveat is that you’re walking in your truth and taking action from the inner nudges and prompts that it’s sending you.

The energies of August feel like rocket fuel! They are so potent and charged with possibility. We’re going to be focusing on them in upcoming August Soul Expansion calls, “The Liberation Timeline”. It’s open for registration and begins next Sunday the 6th. (REGISTER HERE). What can occur for us individually and collectively feels to be massive in its potential, limited only by what we believe we can be, do, or have.

There is a MAGNIFICENT life knocking at the door, ready to express itself through you. Your truth creates space for your purpose to reveal itself. Trust and faith in what you feel in your bones and know in your heart are key over the next few months. Doubt reduces your options in the vibrational spectrum and closes you off from possibility. This month allow yourself to float, to fly, and to leap. Let go of what you thought you knew and trust. Trust. Trust. Trust.

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