Let Them Go

Andrew Martin Energy


Let them go.
These fears no longer serve you. They have done their time. The lessons have been learned.
Let them go.
Release the grip on what you used to know. It’s just an echo of your former self.
Let it go.
The old you has broken open. You’ve split apart and the pieces have fallen away. The new you is emerging.
Surrender to the ancient cycles that guide you from destruction to rebirth.
Let it go.
Celebrate the collapse of that which you’ve been praying to be released from.
Unclench your jaw and soften your gaze. Melt into the expansion that is calling you forth.
Let go.
The old ways no longer serve you. You don’t need them anymore.
There is power in your farewell.
There is grace in your surrender.
It is asking for release.
Let it go.
Unhook yourself from the weight of what you knew. Cut the tether and let go.
Let go and fly.
Let go.
Allow yourself to be scattered like the leaves. Carried by Love to a higher place.
The truth is here. It is beautiful and bright.
You know what to do.
Now let go.


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