Value Your Yes

So often we say “yes” to things before stopping to investigate how we really feel or what we really want. We want to keep the peace so we say yes. We want to feel valued and loved so we say yes. We want to be included so we say yes. Our yes holds immense power. Taking a moment to examine the value we place on our yes can bring great insight. Do we say yes when we really want to say no? How do we feel after doing the things we’ve said yes to? Does our yes come at the cost of our own well being and self care? What we say yes to sends a very powerful message. A yes that is deliberate, intentional, and clear requires boundaries that are deliberate, intentional and clear. So the next time someone comes to you with an opportunity, a question, or a request; take a beat, take a breath and count to five before you respond. Check in first to see how you really feel. Is your yes cheap and available to anyone? Or is it precious, measured, and rare? Grant your yes only in the moments when you truly feel it. You’re the one who sets the value of your yes.

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