Recognize Yourself

Andrew Martin Energy Sometimes that stuff that is channeled in a client session is too powerful not to share.

“When we let go of the resistance to it that’s when the struggle drops away. When I let go of this dualistic idea that something is in opposition to me, and I simply acknowledge it and say ‘No, this isn’t in opposition to me, this IS me; this is just a part of myself that I don’t recognize,’ It opens up. What we can do is let go of trying to fight it and let it show itself to us. Let it introduce itself to us. This thing that you call struggle or a block or a barrier is just a part of you that you don’t recognize. The outdated concepts of duality, karma, and struggle, can only exist when we see something as outside of us. So rather than fight it, simply recognize it. Ask it ‘What do you want me to know? What is it about me that you know that I don’t remember? Tell me. Show me.’ That immediately invites it in to reveal itself to you. When you see it for what it is, recognize and acknowledge this part of you, there is always power to be found.

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