Post Eclipse Integration

Post Eclipse Integration We are in a major integration phase right now. The free fall of the eclipse corridor that started in August and wrapped up with the Solar Eclipse on the 15th is steadily diminishing. The past 6 months have been particularly intense. Eclipses have a way of revealing what is hidden. Any desires, motivations, insecurities, or imbalances are sure to surface during eclipse season. Eclipses don’t offer a linear experience in terms of moving forward or backward since linear time is purely a human creation. More often than not, an eclipse passage brings us to a place where we move up and down, in and out, and side to side. We see various aspects of our selves and our creations come in and out of focus as we are put face to face with all that we are holding within.
The past 6 months have really given us an opportunity to clarify our intention, our vision, and re-evaluate any relationships where we weren’t showing up as our most unified self. The themes that popped up for most of us were around power, boundaries, and clarity of vision.
Where were we giving our power away? Where were we denying our claim to and exercise of our innate power? Where did we have boundary issues in our relationships? Had we fallen into the old martyr programs of sweeping things under the rug and convincing ourselves that “that’s just the way they are”? Were we making excuses for the toxic/imbalanced behavior of others because we didn’t want to assert ourselves?
In terms of the visions we held for ourselves and our life, we were all called to clarify, re-clarify, and clarify again exactly what it was that we were staking a claim to. This was one of the more confusing aspects of the past 6 months. When our dreams, visions, and projects are called into question, our mind often assumes it is because we have done something “wrong”. The Universe is not speaking to us in terms of judgement. It doesn’t classify our ideas and actions as “good” or “bad”. It was merely an opportunity for us to really look at why is it that we are asking for the things we are asking for. We were also given the support to abandon anything that we weren’t 100% behind.
It can be really daunting to feel as if we are being challenged by our circumstances. To either double down on our goals and visions or surrender them altogether. More often than not, what we end up doing is something in between. We still hold our visions, projects, and ideas up as something meaningful, but we end up trimming the fat and purifying our intentions for what we want to create. We are given the chance to see where our ego is out of check. We are shown very clearly where perhaps we have been in denial about our motivations and let any unnecessary elements go.
Underneath all of the experiences that have surfaced since August are the themes of faith and trust. A lack of faith and trust in The Universe/God/Source is really just a lack of faith and trust in ourselves.
It’s uncomfortable for many of us to be questioned on our desires. It can make us insecure and begin to doubt ourselves. Do we really still want what we say we want? Are we able to stay connected to our vision in the face of feeling interrogated by our life? When we are face to face with our inner critic, are we able to stand confident in our choices without feeling like we have to defend or justify? Our inner critic often manifests as people outside of us challenging our choices. Do we internalize their questioning and let it become inner doubt? Are you able to hold your vision close even in the face of scrutiny? More importantly, are you able to trust that it’s ok to want what you want? Are you allowing yourself to hold the faith that you can have what you want? That you’re worthy of it and are capable of creating it? Are you able to accept that even if something doesn’t go as planned, that whatever shows up is exactly what you need? Most profoundly, are you able to love and accept the part of you who thinks that you can’t have it, and show yourself deep compassion while still holding space for your vision to manifest?
I had a mentor tell me years ago, “Andrew, the key to a life free from suffering is to expect what you find”. Can you 100% be invested in what you want for your life, while holding just as much willingness to let something greater show up in its place?
This is co-creating in its purest. Learning how to let what you need be what you want. Even when you have zero idea of where you are headed or what you’re going to do when you get there, are you able to let the power of the fact that it FEELS right be enough? Just because your desires, goals, dreams, and visions are being questioned doesn’t mean you can’t have them or shouldn’t want them. In the end, only you know what truth feels like. If it’s true for you, then it’s true for you. Can you let your resonance with your truth be evidence enough that you’re moving in the right direction? Even when the external world looks nothing like you thought it would? Ultimately the only person who has to feel good about what you’re doing is you.
This is high level stuff, and it takes practice, focus, and dedication to remember how to do it. We’ve been through the wringer the past 6 months! It’s been a trial by fire, so be easy on yourself. Lighten up, and let yourself be guided by the flow that you are. Trust that when something is for you, wild horses couldn’t keep it away. You don’t have to micro-manage your experience. The Universe is self correcting. If you go left when you should have gone right, the path will shift and open up again. Unclench, exhale, and trust. You’ve got this…even if you’re not entire sure exactly what it is that you’ve got.

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