March 2018 Equinox – Outside of Time

Andrew Martin Energy The March Equinox is a week away and already the energies are coming in. The past few days I’ve been feeling them build with increasing intensity. This time around it feels layered with frequencies that are more potent and powerful. We’re still on the tail end of the eclipse passage from last Fall, and how it all plays out is anyone’s guess. A LOT has occurred for all of us over the past year. Especially since the huge catalyst of the August eclipse. I don’t want to re-hash that here. Instead I want to focus on the upcoming March Equinox.

Your experience will always be unique to you, now more than ever. Through our work of off loading the “old” (illusion) to make room for the “new” (truth) the frequency of our divine blueprint has merged into our energy body and we are delivering to ourselves exactly what it is that we need in each and every moment. Our unique vibration interfaces with the source field and creates the perfect scenario for our expansion. As we are increasingly free from the constraints of the old matrix, our experiences become more and more individual. We are creating in “now time”. Last Summer I found myself less and less interested in predictions or forecasts. The realization of what it means to co-create in now time brought me to the truth that anything which takes me out of the present moment isn’t real. As we rise to higher bandwidths (dimensions) of frequency the speed of our transformation and the integration of energy happens crazy fast. In the higher frequencies, trying to hang on to anything that isn’t true for you, is like pouring sand in the gears. Your Divine (true) Self has no interest in abiding anything that is built on illusion. Because at that level, you understand that what is built on illusion no longer serves you in any way. In the end, the only person who has to feel good about your choices, is you. You are the only one that knows what truth feels like. Putting the awareness of your truth and the expression of your truth at the top of your priority list opens up the path of least resistance for you every single time.  In these higher bandwidths, fallacy unravels in an instant and choosing it only brings you back to the starting point again, and again, and again. If there’s anything we’ve not yet reconciled and subsumed into our experience, it will bring us to a screeching halt. There’s no free pass around doing your work. Get right with yourself and you’ll see things open up almost like magic. This is all about your relationship with yourself.


The density of the lower bandwidths (3D/4D) gave us a linear experience. The collapse of the old ideas/constructs/beliefs (death) was followed by a gradual integration/realization/expansion (rebirth) into the new reality. This cycle also served as a buffer of sorts for those of us who were perhaps resistant to, or completely unaware of what’s been happening energetically over the past few years. As frequency holders, we go through shifts first so that we are able to anchor and stabilize them. This creates an energetic foundation to support the emerging realities. Then when larger numbers of individuals have their “awakening”, there’s already an energetic construct to support their expansion into the higher frequency. The further along we go, the higher we rise, and the more intense the jump from “asleep” to “awake” becomes. As we rise in frequency, shifts become more and more immediate. We’ve had the luxury of an experience that was drawn out over the course of a period of linear time to allow us to ease into the transition. The construct of time was here (in part) so that our human mind could make sense of what we were going through. The progression of linear time gave a point of reference for an individual experience. The death/rebirth cycle is now occurring almost simultaneously. The illusion of linear time gets thinner and thinner as we move into higher bandwidths. So now shifts that used to take weeks, months, and years happen in the blink of an eye. The truth is that they always have been instantaneous, they just had to move through the filter/firewall of the mind (which was bound by the belief in linear time) so we’ve had the experience of life/time as linear. We are remembering the truth of how things manifest and our role in co-creation. Allow yourself to challenge your beliefs around how things show up for you. Ask new questions via the heart instead of trying to filter it through your mind. The mind has no way of knowing what else is possible, it’s only ever going to do things the same old way it always has. Trying to convince your mind of your infinite, limitless, nature is a losing battle. Simply shift your focus to the heart, proceed following your highest truth, and create a space for your mind to witness how its done. 


I have no way of knowing what will happen outside of the present moment. Certainly I can tune into potentiality and possibility, as those always exist as the field of all that is. However, beyond the current moment and what is chosen in the moment, potentiality and possibility only exist as exactly that: potentiality and possibility. The absence of time means that our individual expression and what we create will be perfectly tailored for us and unbound by the limiting ideas of past and future. There is always that which carries more probability of being chosen, but haven’t we all learned by now that each and every one of us is full of surprises? Probability is based on the idea of the past. We can only predict the probability of what we might choose in the future, based upon what we have chosen in the past. But if there really is no past or future, then where does that leave us? Once I am free from the stories, programs, and patterns of the old limited version(s) of Andrew, then probability begins to fall apart. If one is truly living in now time and creating in now time, then what might happen becomes irrelevant. How on earth can I know what I might choose, when who I am is different from moment to moment? It’s a process of retraining ourselves to loosen the grip that our mind has on our experience. Part of our work is to proceed in the direction we are being guided/nudged even in the face of the mind’s fear/resistance. Freeing yourself from the old beliefs around how you used to do things and being curious about what else could happen, holds great power.


We are starting to see more and more how the linear time loop and all that came with it kept us mired in the denser frequencies repeating the same things over and over and over. The saying “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it” is a tricky one. The idea of being bound by history is only applicable when I am looping back down (karma) into an experience (lifetime) within the same 3D/4D frequency. Once I exit those bandwidths, (ascension) and reclaim my sovereign self, then I am not doomed or bound by anything except perhaps the old belief that I am doomed or bound. In fact, if I am constantly referencing the past to tell me what the future holds, then all I am doing is rehashing the past and putting a new face on it. Those who perceived themselves to be the controllers of our experience knew this quite well and did a great job of keeping us stuck in this loop by constantly finding ways to hook us to our history.
Now, the limiting programs of the lower frequencies have all but collapsed and that brings us to increasingly fluid and malleable realities in which to create. No longer do we have to worry about coloring inside the lines, because there are no lines! We are once again examining the eternal truth that there is no end. There is no right, or wrong, good or bad way to “get there” because there is no “there” to get to. You are here. You are here now. You are only ever here now. All that you are is focused intently through your experience now. When we pause to feel into the moment and let ourselves join the fullness of all that we are, we immediately grant ourselves access to the higher perspective and time collapses.


There’s always a new level of awareness to explore. The concept of “dropping what no longer serves us” is relative. What we need and what serves us at one point on our journey will at some point become outdated and unnecessary. In our journey up the spiral ladder, the rung that we are reaching for will inevitably become the rung we’re standing on. The trick is to keep climbing. When we become attached to a way of doing, thinking, acting, etc we are basically locking ourselves into a bandwidth of awareness. The comfort zone is by definition a construct of limitation. The only way to move beyond a level of awareness is to let go and move with the energies. We must be willing to let go and leap into the unknown if we want to proceed. Up and out is the only way forward.

There are some questions we can keep close to the surface over the next few weeks that might help us proceed with grace and ease.
When you find yourself resisting your circumstances or thinking you’ve messed it up. Simply ask: “What is the value for me here in this moment now?” This question brings you back to the moment and relieves you of having to “know” anything.

When you find yourself butting up against the idea of “history” (whether it’s your individual history or collective) and feeling like you’re stuck, you can ask: “What ELSE is possible here?” By taking a moment to challenge your (personal or collective) usual narrative of “this is just how things are” you open yourself up to your higher access and new possibilities begin to emerge.

If you’re finding yourself stuck or looping the same experience over and over, I can help. A Sound Healing session can unlock cellular memory and resolve energetic blocks and physical imbalances. It can dissolve limiting emotional patterns and disconnect you from outdated stories and beliefs. Sound Healing can also overwrite unconscious routines that often create resistance and suffering. You can find out more here

I’ve got two upcoming events for the Equinox. One is live in LA at the House of Intuition on Friday the 23rd. I am also hosting an online version for those of you who can’t make it to LA. That one is on Thursday the 22nd. Both links are below.

I feel that March offers a break in the intensity of the first few months of 2018. This year may not always be easy, but it can be filled with ease if we let ourselves receive it.


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