Stake Your Claim

When you claim the role of the one who is negative and critical, you will find yourself surrounded by negativity and criticism. When you claim the role of the one who is too cool for school and unimpressed by everything, your life then will be uninspired and boring. When you claim the role of the one who is frightened and anxious, you will find terror and fear at every turn.
What we claim becomes our reality.
When you claim yourself as a healer, you are offering yourself up to be healed. When you claim yourself as a teacher, you see the inherent perfection that is present to learn from in every moment. When you claim yourself as one who is in love with their experience, who is in constant amazement and delight at the eternal beauty of life’s unfolding, you begin to align yourself with a life that will reward you in countless ways.
From our human stand point, we don’t always get to choose our lessons and experiences. We do however get to choose how we engage with those experiences and learn those lessons. The perspective from which we see life is our choice. The lens that we view life through is always interchangeable and can always be shifted or discarded altogether.
There is nothing that says your life will always be easy, comfortable, or convenient. There is however the truth that your life belongs to you and that you get to decide how you live it.
So ask yourself in each moment: “What have I just put my stake in? What have I decided is truth for me? How else can I choose to view this situation? What other perspective can I take?”
The Universe doesn’t owe you anything. 
You are here because you chose to be. 
Your life.
Your choice.
Take responsibility or don’t.
Until you decide that you are ready to choose something different, life will keep perfectly reflecting to you the perspective you have already claimed.

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