It Takes Truth to Transcend

Andrew Martin Energy This morning, my guides were knocking on the door with a message. It’s truth time!

The passage of the past few weeks has been one of polarity. You have been called to an even deeper level within yourselves in order to clear the dross of your history. Clearing this has allowed you to ride the frequencies to even higher levels of awareness. You have swung from one end of the spectrum to another. This swing allows you to continue clearing the programs of duality. As an individual realizes that she holds both the light and the dark within her, the experience of being one or the other collapses. The perspective of your Higher/Creative/Divine Self knows that you are an aspect of All That Is. From this perspective, you can see that you can never truly be divided against yourself. You are simply experiencing your self(s) in whatever experience is present now. You can choose whatever belief (perspective) you prefer, but anything other than Truth is a temporary illusion.

Learning how to stay connected to your core and your Truth even in the most challenging of circumstances, unlocks your authentic power. You repeat certain experiences or “issues” because you are still remembering the entirety of who and what you are. The repetition of them only means that there is new information available to you. When something still holds enough emotional or energetic charge to set you at odds with yourself, you will encounter it over and over and over, until it can no longer sway you. You did not come here to regress. You did not come here to revert and back slide. You may have moments of regression or feeling like it is three steps forward, two steps back. Yet this is only ever because there is something of value for you within the experience. Anything that seems to have power over you; anything that you perceive as a block or a barrier, is simply a part of yourself that you don’t yet recognize. When something remains externalized (unaccepted), it will continue to knock on the door of your experience until you are able to invite (accept) it in and integrate (Love) it. Everything you experience, every being or circumstance you encounter is simply you. Every conversation you have ever or will ever have has been only with yourself. The way to integrate the fullness of your being is to love the fullness of your being. The only way unplug from the fear programs is to love the one(s) who feed on fear. The only way to claim your freedom and power is by surrendering to the fact that you have no choice but to claim them. You must live your Truth in order to transcend the illusion. It is inevitable. This is why you came.

You asked for the truth, and now it is here. Are you willing to speak it? You asked to be shown what you are capable of, and now you have seen it. Are you willing to claim it? You’ve been focusing so hard on dismantling the illusion and now it has fallen. Are you willing to let it go? You can no longer beg and plead to be “shown a sign” and then close your eyes and ignore it when that sign shows up. You can no longer shout at the top of your lungs to be empowered and then continue to give your power away. The door to what you desire is open and has been for some time. So why do you keep holding yourself back from crossing the threshold? Why do you keep picking up the broken tools you have laid down? Until you accept ALL that you are, you will continue to bump up against the glass ceiling you have created for yourself. Nobody is holding you back except for you. Your refusal or unwillingness to claim your power doesn’t change the fact that you are powerful, it simply locks you in a cage of your own design.

Your choices have been laid out before you in stark contrast: Let the “old” go or continue to be stuck in the loop of illusion. It’s an all or nothing game. You’re either claiming and living your truth, or you’re not. When you’re not, you feel it. You feel the discord in your physical vessel, but the body is not the only part of you that has a pain response. You experience conflict and confusion on the mental plane. Your emotions unerringly show you where you’re causing yourself pain by how you feel in every given moment. PAY ATTENTION. You are always showing yourself where the pain or discord lies. Always. You don’t have to understand it or have the answers, but you do have to feel it. You do have to acknowledge it. You do have to become curious about it. You do have to sit with it and let it show you who you are/have been. Incongruence (pain) arises to show you where you are holding up illusion as Truth. So when you feel lost or at odds with your experience; take a beat, take a breath, find your stillness and feel your way to the Truth. Your mind will do its best to convince you that you must understand, but nothing could be further from the truth. Follow the feelings and you will always find the clarity you seek.


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