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In the May Energy Transmission video I recently shared, entitled “Intention, Intention Intention” the theme of getting back to our spiritual basics came through again. We are in the midst of a revolution and it is changing everything. We are currently redefining what it means to be a human alive on the planet at this point in time.

Taking the time to meditate, take care of our bodies, rest, journal, exercise, practice mindfulness, and be fully present in our experience is more important than ever. There’s a lot of talk in the spiritual/consciousness community about these practices, and for good reason. In order for lasting, positive, change to occur in our lives, our relationship with ourself and our truth must become a priority. When we nurture a clear connection to ourselves and our truth, we begin to build a consciously created life.

Your relationship with yourself is the foundation for everything in your experience. Everything. Nothing in your external world changes until there’s a shift in your internal world. Often these changes happen by default and we call it “fate”, “luck” or “coincidence”. All of those definitions ultimately reinforce the outdated and disempowering concept that life is happening to us. Or worse yet, that we’re somehow at the mercy of a vengeful God who sees us as broken and full of sin. An angry father figure who is judging us and keeping score on how “good” we are so that when we die, we might have earned enough points to get through the pearly gates. The truth is that Heaven is now. It is here. The only being we are waiting to grant us access to it, is us. When we learn to deliberately create our life, we step into our mastery and become internally directed instead of externally reactive. Life then goes from a seemingly random string of occurrences to a vibrant experience of co-creating with our Soul Self. We are then able to recognize the truth: We are God and the genesis of all that we experience is internal. In a nutshell, we are simply here to experience ourselves in way that we never have before. There is no separation between you and what you seek. There is no separation at all. I am simply a reflection of you, and you of I.

But, I digress.

All of the above practices (and many others that weren’t mentioned) fall under the umbrella of ways to access your stillness. There are many methods by which to do it, and the underlying intention for most of them is simply learning how to hear your own voice. Not the chattery, critical, unfocused voice of the monkey mind….that’s not really you. You (as in the person you currently identify yourself as) is merely the role you have decided to play for this lifetime. The voice I am speaking of is the voice of your Soul Self, the real you. This is the part of you that is eternal and endless. This is the part of you that knows exactly who and what you are and what you came here to do. This is the part of you that always sees you as healthy, healed, and whole. The part of you who knows all experience is valuable and that you are always in exactly the right place. This part of you speaks a language that is known by many names: Intuition, insight, gut instinct, guidance, inspiration…the list goes on.

This is also the part of you that decided to take on the role of human you for this lifetime because it was the perfect opportunity to learn what you were ready to learn. The only reason the human experience exists is because the soul chose to experience it. When you learn how to speak the language of your Soul Self and communicate directly with it, you unlock your innate powers of creation. You do know that your essence is the same energy that created all of this, don’t you? Did I mention, you are God?

Sorry, more digression.

Finding a way to access your stillness and learn how to speak the language of your Soul Self is the key to unlocking all of it. Or at least the beginning of unlocking all of it. The ability to understand this language came preloaded with your hardware (body), and all you have to do is learn how to decipher it. In order to live a life that is directed by purpose, you’ve got to come into union with your Soul Self. That union begins with opening a dialogue. I want to share with you a very simple exercise that can help you learn how to foster this communication.


Conversation with Self

This exercise is basically a journaling exercise. What you are doing here is taking dictation for your Soul Self. This is similar to automatic writing in that you’re giving a voice to the non-physical part of your self that moves through you. You can do this on your computer or write by hand.

Gather yourself and your writing tools. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted for about 20-30 minutes. Bring something you can use to time yourself with too. You can also light a candle, setting the intention to clearly connect with your Soul Self if you like. You can burn sage or palo santo to clear the space and bring some of your favorite crystals with you to further focus the energy.

Preset your timer for 15 minutes, get comfortable and settle in. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths to center yourself. Let all of your awareness be present with you. While your eyes are closed let your mind go still. Imagine the surface of a lake. When you are distracted, the surface of the water is choppy and turbulent. When you let your mind go quiet, you see the surface of the water become smooth and still like a mirror. Just sit and breathe for 3-5 minutes while your mind settles.

Once you feel centered, state out loud or silently to yourself “I now ask to connect with my Soul Self, and I ask that you also connect with me.”  Keep breathing for a few more moments until you feel the connection click. You might not feel anything at first, and that’s ok. It can take a lot of practice to learn how to feel these subtle energies. It took me a long time to learn how to recognize when I was “tuned in”. Trust that your intention is enough (because it is) and proceed.

Open your eyes and get ready to write. It’s time to pose your question to yourself.

In the beginning it’s best to keep your questions very simple and straightforward. Just like when you are first learning a new language, your communication is really basic. The question I used for years, and still often use for this exercise is simply “What do you want me to know today?”.

Ask the question, start your timer, and begin to write. Write for the full duration of the 15 minutes (writing for longer is perfectly ok too!) without stopping. For the first 3-5 minutes you may feel like you’re making it all up. Keep writing.
Your inner skeptic/critic most likely will have a LOT of opinions about this exercise. That’s ok. Keep writing.
Tell that negative voice (which is definitely NOT your Soul Self) that it can say whatever it likes, but you’re going to write for 15 minutes anyway. If you need a visual, imagine that you’re leaning back into a waterfall and let the information flow through you like water.

Keep writing until the timer goes off, or until you’re finished. Thank your Soul Self for joining you, snuff out your candle, and you’re done for today!

What you wrote might not make any sense or it might be crystal clear. It might have been a lot of information, or it might have been a very short message. Whatever happened, just trust that it’s unfolding in the right way. This isn’t about achieving anything, this is about showing up consistently to build a relationship with your self. Have patience and keep showing up. Simply by beginning this process, you have signaled your Soul Self that you are ready to connect consciously.

A few key points to share with you about your connection to your Self.

  • You’re already connected – This connection to your Soul Self (some call it your Higher Self, or your Creator Self) is innate. It’s already there and this is about strengthening that connection
  • The voice of your Soul Self is always kind and compassionate. If you’re hearing a voice that is angry, judgmental, critical, or harsh, you’re definitely not tuned into your Soul Self; most likely it’s the ego you’re hearing
  • The voice of the true you is that of someone who loves you very much and wants to see you thrive. It’s also a voice that is often quiet and difficult to hear. Sometimes it speaks in feelings and there are no words at all.
  • The Soul Self has nothing to prove or defend. It will never be aggressive or harsh. It is already speaking to you and it is ready to be heard when you’re ready to listen
  • It takes practice. This connection is innate and hardwired, but just like learning any other language or skill, it takes focused practice
  • You most likely will have doubts and uncertainty. You will find your inner skeptic rising up. That’s ok, just keep practicing anyway
  • If you feel that you’re tapped into a consciousness that is not your Soul Self, you can add a statement of intent to use before you start writing. Something along the lines of “Only energies and information working with and connected to my Soul Self are allowed to connect today. Anything that is less than love is an illusion and is hereby dissolved and removed.”

Make the time to dedicate energy to your relationship with yourself. It can and will change everything.

If you feel you need support in developing your connection, booking a session with me might help. I also hold live and virtual events every month to assist you on your path of awakening.



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