The Crystalline Field

Andrew Martin Energy During the Equinox Energy Transmission a field of energy I had never seen before presented itself. As I was leading the group through the energy work, I was taken to the feet and got the instruction to root the group into a field of energy. This is not uncommon. Often times during energy work sessions I am instructed to guide the group or individual to root into a particular field of energy. In these times of rapid acceleration, my understanding is that this is a means of ensuring that we are connected into the highest field of energy that is present. The planet and we, the collective, are shifting and expanding so quickly that we often find ourselves feeling scattered and chaotic. These roots are a way to bring about stability and balance within so that we are able to more effectively integrate and move through the swift changes we are in the midst of.


However, the field that showed itself on the Equinox was much different. At first I wasn’t really able to make sense of the imagery I was being shown. The field of energy appeared as transparent and was laid over the entirety of the planet. Initially I interpreted it as water, because it looked we were standing a few feet above the surface of the ground. I knew that this wasn’t exactly correct, but I was at a loss as to exactly what it was. As we proceeded to ground into the field, it suddenly came into focus and showed me what it was. A field of crystalline energy was revealed. It was breathtaking in its beauty. I saw the entire planet covered in what can best be described as a faceted, crystalline, field. As if Mother Earth was wrapped in a massive diamond like structure. I was told that this is the re-emergence of the true nature of our planet. This is the energetic restoration of her field.

My understanding is that this crystalline field is not new. It is in fact as ancient as the planet herself. It has only been able to re-emerge now that her frequency has shifted into a higher level of awareness. Our ability to now tune into and connect with it is a result of all that we have traveled through over the past few years. Especially since the intense passage that began with the solar eclipse in August of 2017. As we rooted in to this field a beautiful thing unfolded. These energies began to merge with our physical bodies. This merging transmitted new codings and information that brought the crystalline structure to our cells. This brought a massive influx of new information that has only just begun to unfold into our awareness.

As the energy moved up the body, new and exciting things continued to show themselves. It is not uncommon for me to see etheric structures in our field. These structures are in our fields for all sorts of reasons and they all serve a purpose of some sort or another. The one that I saw this time was unlike any I have seen before. It was shown as a disc in the center of the back, right in between the shoulder blades. What was most interesting about it was how old it was. Again, we are talking ancient. This was not a nefarious, “implant’”, in the dark sense of the word. This was a structure that was part of our makeup out of necessity. The information that I was given is that this was a translator of sorts. Much like a deep sea diving suit allows a human to survive at tremendous depths under water; this device allowed us to function in the incredible density of the 3D matrix. This was benevolent by design and was a function of having a human body while in the lower density. I was instructed to remove this, and as I did I saw a huge release of energy. The best way I can describe it is that It looked like a holographic image evaporating out of the body. I was told that because we now have access to this crystalline energy, we no longer need this device in our individual fields. Imainge what it would be like for a human to keep the deep sea diving suit on while walking around on land. It would be cumbersome, awkward, and would greatly limit our ability to live a balanced, easy, life. The removal of this device allowed a great deal of limitation and collective programming to dissolve with it. It’s as if a hard drive that held all sorts of malware was removed from our bodies.

I am still a bit amazed by this occurrence. It’s the first time I have ever seen anything like this. I was thrilled when it showed up again the following day during the sound healing circle I was doing for my Patreon subscribers. It was made very clear to me that this is a field that holds massive potential. As far as I can tell, this is just the tip of the iceberg in our relationship with this new frequency.

I am super excited to offer an online group event where we will be exploring this field of energy. It is very present in my awareness and the best way I can describe it is that it is “singing to me”. I’d love for you to join the group on Monday, October 8th from 6PM – 7:30PM PT. We’ll be consciously connecting with and exploring this new field of energy. As always, the session will be recorded so even if you can’t attend live, you’ll get an MP3 so you can experience the event at your leisure.

This is such an exciting time we are entering as we continue the journey of reconnecting with our innate divinity. I get the sense that as we progress we are going to see the physical manifestations of this show up more and more profoundly.

Your divinity is showing, and it’s beautiful.??




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