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Andrew Martin Energy Man, I know things as of late have been intense in a WHOLE new way! I spoke some of this in my most recent energy update video “Emotional Congruence”. Clearly, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Today in one of my client sessions, a lot of new information started to come in. So after I sat with her, I went into meditation to ask for the rest of the story. Below is what I received today. 

There is a reformatting occurring right now. The way that you engage with one another is transforming. Up until this point in time most of the way you connected with one another was through shared wounds and experiences of pain. Your wounds were perfect fits for one another. Like a key to a lock. You imprinted on one another through your shared suffering. One of you was the taker, the other the giver. One was the victim the other the perpetrator. One the caretaker and the other the broken one needing to be cared for.

This imprinting happened on all levels. The spirit/energy level, the mental/emotional level, and finally the physical level. You would bond with one another on at least one of these levels. Many times there were bonds that happened on multiple levels. The most profound connections, the strongest bonds, were the ones that occurred on all of these levels. 

The patterns, behaviors, and relationships you are seeing resurrected at this time may seem like old news, and in many ways they are. The reason for this repeating of old “stuff” is because now it is being cleared on the physical.

When expansion and growth occurs, it begins on the non-physical spirit/energy level first. This initial shift requires no participation of your other levels of awareness, and often you are not even aware that it is occurring. Growth and change in your life begins simply as an idea, a thought, or an impulse. It is borne from and begins at the level of spirit/energy. You integrate this and proceed, cycling through a relatively peaceful experience with this initial insight. As this impulse moves through the layers and begins to gain density it remerges. This time however it causes a shift on the mental/emotional level. This round of dealing with “the stuff” also requires the participation and support of the spirit/energy level. Your understanding of this shift becomes more fully realized and begins to affect you in a way that feels much more immediate and profound. As this energy abates and ebbs, you may feel you have reconciled or have at least a much greater view of the picture, and in many ways you do. Finally again it returns, only now it enters at the level of physicality. This is where it becomes “real” so to speak. The level of physical shift also engages the mental/emotional body(ies) as well as the spirit/energy self(ves). Your entire being is at the ready, focused entirely on your experience through your physical awareness. As it opens on the physical plane you most likely have the experience of “oh no, not THIS again!” It is familiar, but generally feels much more intense at this point. Even though it is a familiar “issue” you are unable to push it aside or ignore it because all levels of your self – Mind/Body/Spirit – are fully engaged and it cannot move until it is resolved.

This is where the reformatting and repatterining occurs. It is an experience that comes at you from all sides. Sometimes if it is a particularly stubborn pattern, it requires several rounds through the physical level to be fully cleared.

This is the level where DNA is shifted. Where biology is affected. Where relationships and structures, and institutions and paradigms collapse and implode. This is where you experience swings in your mood, energy levels, physical symptoms, and dietary shifts as well. This is also where you clear the patterns of pain and dysfunction and break the chain of your lineage. So not only are you clearing it for yourself, you are also clearing it for all that have come before you in your family line. Here you are learning how to reorient yourself and align with your higher awareness. This is where you are “retraining” your mind and human self (as well as your body and cellular memory) to move in step with the flow of your consciousness instead of against it. This time is often rife with frustration and pain as your mind continues to insist that the “old ways” are the right ways. This is where you are called to step fully into your power and begin to direct your life from a place of sovereignty. No longer are you bound by karmic cycles, soul contracts, and agreements. Now you are free to live and create your life as you please. As you can see this is a colossal undertaking. To reclaim this level of power and wield it responsibly requires you to under go a massive hierarchical shift from living through the will of the mind to following the path of the heart. 

Now you are stepping into the era of engaging one another through wholeness. No longer are your wounds attracting to you painful experiences through which to heal. Now you are attracting and imprinting with people, places, experiences, and circumstances that lift you higher. That feed you reciprocally. Now it becomes clearer than ever that any choice or action that is not aligned with your true nature creates great discomfort and dis-ease in your fields. You cannot bear the incongruence of this misalignment and it generally brings the flow of your life to a screeching halt.

This time requires a level of truth and honesty that many of you have not accessed in this life. It may seem terrifying and painful but only if you are still trying to force the old ways to be. As you relent and let all that is ready to die fall away, you find a reconnection with ease and flow.

This grand cycle has been building for years. Most powerfully for approximately the past 24 months. If you look back on where you were at this point in 2016 you may notice that this is when certain patterns began to emerge into your awareness. Then again they cycled through at this time last year. Now again they come to be experienced on the physical level and most of you have the feeling that there is nowhere to hide, Indeed you are correct.

To proceed most gracefully through this passage you must trust in your innate wisdom. Connect via your inner portals and call upon your fullness to move through you and support this release. Know that the chaos you are experiencing is not necessarily because you have made a misstep or have chosen incorrectly. It is simply because you are being called to a higher place and the physical shift must occur before that can happen. Allow, allow, allow. Love yourself through this with fierce compassion and determination, and remember that this too shall pass.


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