Return to the Surface

A Energies are ramping up as we approach the Solstice on the 21st. It feels like a final surge rising up to push us across the threshold of the Solstice and into 2019. The past few days I am seeing number sequences like crazy again. 828, 929, 444, 222 and so on. These days, whenever I see numbers repeating in patterns I know that there is a rising in the energies and that I’m being ushered through a gateway of consciousness. These days I don’t probe too deeply to ask why the energies are building, I just accept that they are. Much like the weather, it’s simply another cycle within a larger pattern. I could spend a lot of time and energy investigating why it’s raining, or I can simply accept that it is. I trust that whatever “why” information is relevant that I’ll receive that too. The search for “why” seems to be a distraction from what is unfolding now and I feel that it really only takes me out of the moment more than anything else. It’s simply the mind trying to force the new reality into the old template, trying to root back to the “old ways”.

Healing, transformation, transmutation, alchemy…whatever terms we use to describe our journey all have one thing in common. They are disruptive by nature. They all require an interruption and relinquishment of the status quo. In order to break patterns or habits or cycles so we can move on to the new ground of a more expanded level of awareness, we’ve gotta be willing to let things fall apart. We have done our work (and then some!!) in being present while things fall apart, especially since the June Solstice. As we move towards the new year and the completion of another cycle, we begin to receive the seeds and clues as to what is coming as the new comes into focus.

The image I saw this morning in meditation was that of a deep sea diver returning to the surface from her adventures on the bottom of the ocean. As she pushes off the bottom she knows that the surface is somewhere up there, but there’s still nothing but darkness around her. For the bulk of her journey back up from the depths she is in the murky shadows. Guided only by her internal sense of direction, eventually there is a glimmer of the light from the surface. As she moves closer and closer there is the anticipation of the return to the light. There is almost a sense of anxiety that kicks in as she gets closer. Will she have enough oxygen? Where will she be when she breaks through? Will her support team still be there to meet her? All of these questions are so important to the mind. Yet the heart, the soul, the spirit knows that whatever is up there will be perfect. Whatever comes will answer some of her questions and further deepen others. It will bring insight and guidance to some areas and bring only more complexity and mystery to others. An answer is really only creating space for a new question, so in that sense what is waiting for us on the surface is not really important until we are there. What’s next is irrelevant until we have met what is here.

12 mirrors 21 and as we move from the 12th through to the 21st it feels as if we’re crossing the threshold of the looking glass to come back to ourselves. Our willingness to be as fully present as we can in our experience is always important, and this year the 9 days from the 12th-21st seem particularly magical. We stepped on to a path this year that took us deeply into our illusion, our pain, and whatever false projections we still carried. 2018 showed us what our life would look like if we insisted on repeating the depleted and completed stories of the past. In essence much of our journey this year was about moving far far away from our truth so we could see how bleak life is when we deny ourselves. On 11/11 there was a pivot that occurred and we began the journey back to our self. Of course we never really left ourselves, we were just given a REALLY long leash so we could further explore the perception of separation. Even though much of us are still exploring the shadows, we’ve made our U-turn. Now we continue our journey back to the surface, and on the 12th we see the light beginning to break through from above. As we proceed to the 21st and return from the depths of our shadowy adventure things grow in clarity. Life will make sense in a way that we still can’t fathom from a limited mental perspective. The game has shifted for us and 2019 is a new playing field. The cycle of so much is complete now and the mind has zero way of comprehending what that means for us in the day to day. In truth, we’ll only know once we get there, so our power (as always) is in this moment right now.

For the next 10 days stay still, clear, and present. Allow the last bits of 2018 to complete and fall away. Trust that all that has broken and fallen apart has been acting as a really potent compost for what we’re cultivating in 2019. It’s ok if it doesn’t all make sense yet, it will when you get there. In many ways the simple platitudes are truer than ever. Things always work out in the end, so if things have yet to work out, it’s because they’re not over yet.

The Energy Gathering on 12:12 is helping us open this 10 day transition as we make final push from 2018 into the new year. Join me for an hour of sound healing and energy work as we come together in a group to amplify and anchor these frequencies. 12:12 ENERGY GATHERING:


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