2019 Embodiment

Since 11/11/18 we have been wrapping up a cycle that is not unlike a marathon. After almost a year of unrelenting intensity, on 11/11, things shifted. We began the process of reweaving ourselves together again so we could proceed forward in the upcoming year. On 12/12 and then again on 12/21 this series of pulses that launched us into this eclipse portal that opened on the 6th continued. 
The fact that this calendar year kicked off with us entering such a powerful eclipse passage has put us in something similar to a centrifuge. A very rapidly accelerating impulse designed to help us purge and purify as we approach the lunar new year. We have been moving a whole lot of stuff up and out in a very short period of time. The amount of “stuff” that we have released in this short couple of weeks is rather extraordinary. While it has been another layer of intensity rounding out an already intense year, it’s important to acknowledge that the work we’ve been doing since the beginning of 2019 is (relatively) massive in scale. Had this occurred a year ago, it would have laid us all out completely. It’s a testament to how far we have progressed in our own expansion and development. 
From 11/11 up to 1/20 we have been looping through a revisitation of 2018 in rapid fire. On some level and in some way in the 71 days between 11/11 and 1/20 we all have gone through a review of the major themes we went through in 2018. Pay attention to what you’ve experienced since 11/11 to put the pieces together for yourself. 
When we look at our life from a higher (5D+) perspective we understand that nothing is coincidental nor is any incident or experience an isolated one. All is connected. An illness is not simply the body responding to an infection or imbalance in physicality. An illness is a physical response to, and manifestation of, an energetic cause. For example, the intense head cold that I have been visited by this past week was really about me clearing a LOT of old mental clutter. Old thought forms, thought viruses, and mental patterns being expelled from the body via this “infection”. 
For the next 48 hours, these energies are targeting the mental level. When we are in the midst of making new choices and establishing new neural pathways, what best supports us often is a good mental “scrubbing” to help overwrite old patterns. 
Notice where your thoughts wander this weekend. What memories or behaviors bubble up? Are you actively choosing your thoughts, or are you finding yourself traveling down some old, worn out, path? When you allow yourself to be fully present in your actions, do they feel vibrant and alive, or rusty and dilapidated? If there were ever a time to make a radical break with the past, this weekend is it. 
The unofficial theme of 2019 seems to be “Create a Bigger Container” So this weekend, ask yourself: “Is this the best I can be/do/have”? “How else can I achieve my goal or desire”? “Is this behavior/choice/action bringing me closer to what I REALLY want”? “Am I fully invested in the choices I have made”? If the answer to any of these questions is “No”, then trust that there is a higher way available to you. The good news is that you don’t have to fully know what the higher way is, you simply have to be open to seeing it. As we move closer to the Lunar New Year on February 5th, things will come into focus.
Whatever is going on for you right now, take some time on Sunday to get quiet and open up to the energies that this eclipse offers. Again, understanding isn’t as important as simply being present to receive. 

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