February Energy Transmission

In this month’s Energy Transmission I am sharing practical tips as well as a guided meditation technique to expand your field. January is wrapping up (am I the only one who felt like January was like 7 months long?!?) and as the Lunar New Year approaches, 2019 really begins to open up. In many ways this month and this year feel like homework assignments. Not in the sense of sitting and doing our inner work, although that will always be part of our experience. More about taking what we know (tools, methods, perspectives, etc) and putting it into conscious, deliberate, action. Are you consciously competent?! Where are you still taking life personally? Are you a Creator or a reactor?
All of this and more in the February Energy Transmission.
FEBRUARY ENERGY GATHERING – https://bit.ly/2RlH0je
MASTERY MENTORSHIP – https://bit.ly/2kt9Ta7
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