I was texting with one of my mentorship clients yesterday. He was feeling frustrated like he was stuck and had fallen back into some old patterns. I was offering up some guidance to help him find his center again and this nugget of wisdom dropped in. Clarity never emerged from a death grip. Think about it. The a-ha moment, the epiphany or bolt of clarity never comes when we’re struggling and squeezing the moment, trying to wring answers out of it. It always comes when we’re relaxed and our mind is elsewhere. It arrives when we’re doing the dishes, or walking the dog, or nodding off to sleep. So when you feel stuck or lost or frustrated, stop. Take a beat. Take a breath and unclench. Stand up and walk away. Turn your focus towards something else. A simple task or an activity that brings you joy. Relax into the moment and let the clarity emerge. It’s there, it just needs you to clear a space for it to bubble up. In the meantime soften your death grip and breathe. Trust that in the right time in the right way, you’ll get what you need. The truth is always here, sometimes we just have to remember to let it in.

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