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The first week or so of May has felt very surreal. Time is even more elastic than ever before. Given the nature of my personality, the balance between “doing” and “being” has always been a challenge for me. It has felt as if the only time things really become clear is when I drop all distraction and move very deliberately and slowly. Of course this is also maddeningly difficult, because all I want to do is hit the ground running and Get. Shit. Done. Of course (as usual) that has zero bearing on what my Full Self wants to create. So this morning I asked for whatever message would best serve us all in this point in our journey. This is what came through.

The key to moving through this passage is in slowing things down. Slowing things down allows you to fully focus into the present moment before you choose or act. You are remembering how to create with Self as opposed to creating at odds with or in spite of Self. You are currently integrating aspects of Self that have long been held outside of your human form. Similar to when you have data that exceeds the memory capacity of your technology you have a need to store information remotely in the cloud. Imagine that the memory capacity of your device is now able to assimilate and hold all of the data you require. This is very much like what is happening with you now. Information that used to be held outside of your conscious awareness has slowly been integrating into your field.

You have crossed a threshold of massive clearing, which is always followed by an equally massive integration. You now hold more of your true essence in form than you have ever held before. The key to utilizing the fullness of your consciousness is to ensure that all of Self is invested. That is to say that your mind, your body, your emotional field, your Creator Self, are all on board with the choices you are making within your human experience. When all levels of your awareness are invested in and are moving in congruence with one another, you are creating from the most powerful level of being you can consciously access in any given moment. This creates a version of reality that is stable, expansive, and free. A version of reality that supports you. When your abilities expand, so too does the level of creation you have access to. 

The reason that the “old ways” don’t create a functional reality any more is that the energy has moved to a new place from which to create. You have been reborn through this most recent passage. You have cleared so much from your fields. The frequencies you have cleared were creating noise and havoc in your field because they were no longer needed as a part of your experience. Chaos is always a sign that you are in the midst of transformation. This chaos disrupts everything and “shakes loose” whatever is no longer supporting you. 

Currently you are emerging newborn. Essentially what you are doing now is imprinting with Self. You are (re)learning through remembering. You are activating abilities and levels of Self that are now imprinting upon you. You are bonding with a version of you that is formed from the purest essence of Self. This process deserves your deliberate focus. Slowing things down is an easier way to bring your fullness to the moment. This process also retrains your human mind as it evolves into the Divine Mind. To the degree that you allow this process to occur with no resistance creates your experience of it. More resistance/unwillingness creates more struggle. Surrendering to the collapse of these old structures creates a much swifter version of events for you.

 In the beginning steps of any new creation, you may only know what is or isn’t “correct” for you by how you feel. You may only be able to acknowledge that something feels “off” without much else in terms of clear information. This is to be expected. You have been told for thousands of years that you are broken. That you are unworthy and borne from sin. You have held the stories that you are not capable or deserving. That that you need a seal of approval from some patriarchal figure “out there” in order to be healthy, safe, accepted, and protected. This is not true. This has never been true. You are collectively waking up to this truth and it is changing everything. The first order of business during these times is to actively dismantle everything that is built upon these lies and deception.

How you are being asked to create now is drawing from a much truer level of Self than in the past. When you do things slowly and deliberately you give yourself a chance to check in as you go. When you create out of congruence with the fullness of Self, you feel the snag in your energy. When there is illusion or untruth in your choice (stemming from old pattering, programming, and belief systems) you are creating something that is unstable. You feel this instability as discord. This discord will show itself to you as discomfort, or uncertainty, or resistance in your energy. You might not have language to describe this discord, but you will know it via the feeling/energy/emotion that is present. When you choose to proceed in spite of the discord, without taking the time to investigate what it is rooted in, your higher levels of awareness temporarily divest themselves to allow you the space to experience your dysfunctional creation and learn from it. This is not to punish or reprimand you. It is simply that the higher levels of Self cannot help you create something that denies Self. Do you see? When you don’t take the time to examine the parts of you that are in fear or pain, or that are rooted in resistance you in essence are negating those parts of you. You can no longer continue to deny yourself and experience forward momentum. The part of you that you stand in denial against, will bring the entirety or your experience to a full stop. In order to proceed with the fullness of Self once again invested, you must choose according to your truth. Your truth will always require you to move beyond your current circumstances in some way. Your truth will always call you to accept more deeply the reality of who and what you are. By deliberately slowing yourself down to experience the moment, you make it easier to choose/create clearly.

When you are projecting fear of the future into the now experience, you are not present. When you are dredging up the past and projecting unresolved issues into the now experience, you are not present. Your fullness only ever exists in the present moment. The slowness of your current experience is what gives you the precious clarity to investigate your creation in real time. When you feel a wobble, or any discord, you can stop, breathe, tap in and use your curiosity to discover what is incongruent. From here you use the appropriate tool to resolve whatever is within you that needs your loving attention. As you repeat this process it eventually becomes second nature. Practice makes the Master.

As you continue to realize that your human personality/identity is nothing more than a collection of ideas and concepts, you will eventually realize that you have been mostly rooted in a version of you that is no longer true or relevant.  From this perspective you see that most choices come down to one of two things: Does this choice move me forward and more fully into alignment with Self? Or does it move me backward and out of alignment in a fear based attempt to maintain my ever evaporating comfort zone? We can guarantee you one thing: Your Creator Self has no interest or investment in the comfort zone. That idea has never been anything other than an illusion to begin with. Anything that is an illusion can and will fall, it must. So lean into the chaos, become close to your discomfort, and realize that the only things you ever have to give up are the things that were never true to begin with.

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