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On Saturday I was walking around the reservoir path in my neighborhood. I normally go there to exercise and walk a couple of laps on the path, but that day I went out just to clear my head. Or so I thought. My mind was on the current group of people that were enrolled in the “Meeting Your Creator Self” class I was teaching. They had been on my mind a lot that morning. It’s a two part class and our second session was coming up, so this wasn’t too unusual. These felt like more than just passing thoughts though, and as I walked I felt the familiar “nudge” of a message pushing its way into my field. So I sat down to tune in. It was fascinating because this time it felt like there were more than just my team in the mix. As I connected, I got the sense that this was a message specifically for the group of students I was working with. As the words emerged, it felt like it was all of our Creator Selves sitting around having a “work chat” that they wanted to share with us. 

They refer a quite a bit to “the work” which in this context I feel is directly related to the course I was teaching. Even if you’ve never worked with me directly, I still feel that this message holds value for all of us. This current moment is asking us all to dig deep in our own way. Frankly it’s felt a bit relentless. There was definitely a sense of urgency to this message. The energy was carrying the feeling of “PAY ATTENTION”, which is why I wanted to share it with you. Here’s the message that came through:

“We want to make it clear that this is all You. What we mean by this is that the self work that you have been engaged in during this process of evolution and transformation has been intended to bring you closer to your Self. We understand that the work requires you often to segment and parcel yourselves to gain deeper understanding. There are multiple levels of awareness within the entirety of your Self. There is the perspective of the human self, the larger (non-physical) self, the inner child, the physical body, past lives, concurrent selves, the emotional body. etc. The exercise of personifying aspects of yourself so that you can clearly understand the hidden patterns, beliefs, and programs is incredibly useful. It gives you a way to take a subjective experience and create a place from which you can engage it more objectively. That is to say when you create a separate persona out out of a level of your being, it gives you an opportunity to see, feel, and understand what is going on so that you may identify what within you is ready to be acknowledged, heard, felt, and embraced so that it may be transformed back to truth. This also teaches you how to model the unconditional love and compassion that is always flowing towards you, and apply that same focus to yourself in your human experience.  However, the important thing we want to make sure you include in your perspective is the fact that all of this is You. All levels of your awareness or perception simply show you another layer of your Self. 
Just like a massive compound or estate may have numerous levels, layers, rooms, hallways and doors. Many of which are unseen, hidden, or locked away. They are all still part of the same structure. They are all the same place. Such is the same with you. In the end these paths and journeys through your experience are all leading you to one place: the unity of your Self. All of your Self. Not just the parts you like, or the parts that are easy to share.  All of you. In order to unify your Self, you must at some point, embrace it all. 

Several years ago we used the word “subsume’ quite often in relation to your idea of Self. We love this word because it is exactly what is required for you to proceed and progress through your experience back to unity. Just like the word “color” subsumes red, green, blue, yellow and all other visible color frequencies. The word “You” includes all of You. In order to continue to expand, you must expand to include all of you. That is to say that this journey is not about identifying the parts of yourself you don’t like or that make you uncomfortable so you can cut them off or remove them. On the contrary, The point of exploring these parts of your Self is so that you can INCLUDE them in your field. ONLY when you accept and include all of yourself will all vibrational aspects be transmuted back to truth. Do you see? There is NO WAY that your field of energy can transform anything until you pull it into your field by accepting it. It is impossible for anything to be clarified if you are holding it OUTSIDE of yourself. YOU are the field that heals and transforms. YOU are the energy that heals and purifies. In order for water to be cleansed, it must pass THROUGH the filter. It is you ultimately who are that filter. 

The process of dismantling the Self is useful, Just like when a machine breaks down, it must often be taken apart to its separate components to find the broken parts. Ultimately though for it to fully function again, it must be put back together. This is a crude analogy, but the message remains. Take your time on your journey. Be loving, patient and kind with yourself and others. Don’t forget that at some point you must embrace these parts of yourself as you reassemble your Self. You are all of it, all of it is you. In the end you must find a way to have compassion, inclusion, and Love for all of it,. In the end, if you are to proceed on your path, opening yourself to embrace ALL of your Self must occur. For you to become whole and expand to the next level of unified awareness beyond the limitations of personality and history, you must include it all in your experience. Unconditional means unconditional. Unity means unity. There can be no other way.”

I loved this message and it made perfect sense. It had been coming through in other ways via  themes that were popping up all week, but this was very clear. Spirit wasn’t done yet though. I got up to continue my walk and about 1/2 mile later, I got yet another message!

The reservoir park is in the middle of a residential area of Silverlake. It’s surrounded by houses on all sides. There’s a section of the 2.5 mile loop where a group of Herons have nested in a large tree. I saw them last year and they have recently returned. Yesterday as I was approaching the section where their nest is, I saw the female leave the tree and swoop down into a group of trees. She disappeared from my view for a moment, but as I approached I saw her. She was perched on a lower branch with a beak full of twigs. She was just sitting there and as soon as I got close she turned her head to look at me. I stopped and stared for a moment. She sat and studied me, and then took off. Her message was loud and clear.

“This is your time to make a nest for yourself that will support you for the next leg of your journey, This is your time to ensure that your home is stable, comfortable, and safe. Do you want to line your nest with the debris of the past? Do you want to include those painful, uncomfortable parts of your history or are you ready to let them go? Whatever you line your nest with is what you will be sitting on for the days and weeks to come. Why do you keep bringing forward the old histories when they are not necessary? When are you going to let them go? You can decide to change if you want to. You don’t have to logically understand or rationally map it out, you simply make a new choice. Your patience, hard work, and dedication are about to pay off. You are about to have your hands full with many blessings and new responsibilities, so let go of the old ways of seeing and being and let the new emerge. It’s up to you. There is no reward or punishment. Only the experience that you choose to create. Either way, the new season is dawning and the cycle is turning. The rest is up to you.”

Clearly the theme here is letting us know that we’re on the right track, and to stay focused on our journey and our experience. There is SO much happening in the world right now. Certainly some of it needs our attention, but they key is not to give into distraction or get sucked into battles of “us vs. them”. When our actions and choices are rooted into our truth, we find ourselves contributing positively to the momentum of change. When we are triggered and are reacting from our ego or limited self, we only ever create more mess to clean up. The mantra I have been repeating over and over lately is “The ego reacts, the heart responds”. Stay in your heart, make time for your spiritual practice, and don’t take the bait! 


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