Truth and Lies

Sometimes the hardest part of living our truth is acknowledging the things in our life that aren’t working. Truth can be a tricky thing. We grow and evolve and as we do, so do our desires and our wishes. At some point the very thing that once felt so clear and vibrant can suddenly become muddy and dense. Only you know what truth feels like.

In these times of monumental shifts there is so much uncertainty. Sometimes our truth seems to shift minute by minute. Sometimes we think we’ve found it only to arrive and see that it’s still a million miles away. No matter where we are, the truth is always a feeling thing. The great truths are never accessed through the mind. Ultimately they are accessed via the heart and the wisdom of the body.

The body never lies. If it feels untrue, it probably is. Facing the things that are ready to go can be terrifying. Yet isn’t the thought of continuing to say yes to things that suck the very life out of you even scarier? In the end I can say that I’ve never once regretted telling the truth. There’s great liberation in honoring what is true. Ultimately you’re the only one who can decode what that is.

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