You Don’t Want The Truth

Most of us aren’t interested in the truth. In fact we generally resist it with every fiber of our being. We only want the carefully curated version of events that allows us to stay rooted in the worship of our individual and collective illusion. Facing our illusion is the only way to truth, and that seldom happens willingly.

Often times the only way we ever face what we have created is when our back is against the wall and we have no other choice but to face it. When our resistance creates enough pain and things become unbearable enough we finally capitulate like a furious toddler screaming in agony. On the other side of resistance we see how we often cling to our fearful stories and narratives of struggle because the alternative is too scary.

To live as a sovereign being, liberated from our struggle, requires us to first face our truth. The truth that we have each had a hand in creating our individual and collective nightmares. This is terrifying. Yet it is the only way to freedom. Resistance for the sake of resistance never works. If it did we wouldn’t be where we are. If resistance isn’t a step on the road to unity, then we’re moving in the wrong direction, bound to repeat the cycle over and over.

It is not our ignorance of history that dooms us to repeat it. It is our insistence to drag our pain with us wherever we go that ensures we will never be free from it.

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