Markers On The Path

This message first came through in 2015. I asked the guides for some insight on the powerful energies that we were receiving. I wanted to know what their point of view on this experience was. Amazing to me how we cycle through our experience and the same message can take on an entirely new meaning. 
“In every journey there are markers on the path. There will always be certain moments that you find more interesting or intriguing or satisfying. Imagine if you were to make a trip across the country in which you live. Of course there are landmarks and attractions that would provide a more exciting experience than others. However, there is not one point on the journey that is more important than another.

Even the moments that seem to be uninspiring are part of the experience of having what you desire. Can you believe that no matter how your mind and the human persona chooses to experience a singular moment, that from the divine self perspective, all points on your journey are of equal importance? To trust that all you encounter has been provided for you, by you, and that it is all for your benefit is a point of view that will serve you greatly. We remind you that you are All That Is and as an aspect of All That Is, all that you experience, is exactly what you desire to experience.

Choice is merely a mechanism to bring you to a new level of awareness and expansion. If you choose to identify with disappointment, then you will have the experience of one who is disappointed and a new level of awareness will be reached within the experience of disappointment. If you choose to identify with possibility and an experience of infinite expansion, then you will know that regardless of the attractions that my be present within your current point of view, all is as you have chosen it to be. Even within moments when you find yourself within a construct that seems to be larger than yourself, you are still within an experience that you have created for yourself.

Remember that you chose to be here in this incarnation at this moment and this point in time. Why would All That Is subject itself to something undesired? As an aspect of All That Is, you cannot experience something unchosen, for you are always within that which you are. It is only your choice of identity within your experience that allows you to see it as wanted or unwanted…fulfilled or dissatisfied.

Your choice of identity changes your perception of your experience. Your perception of your experience is what creates the shift you seek. Relax, allow, and shift into the knowing that you are within your own creation at exactly the point you have chosen to be.”

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