The Mechanism of Choice

A continuation of yesterday’s post. This message came through as additional insight a couple of years after the initial message. Amazing to look back and see how understanding grows and evolves as we do.

“When we choose our identity, we choose our experience. The choices we make as a human defines our experience and brings context to it. You may prefer chocolate over vanilla, so you choose to identify as one who likes chocolate so that you can enjoy the experience of having chocolate in this life. When you choose to identify as the woman who has no idea what she wants or feels too lazy to do anything about it, then that’s the experience you will have. Nobody but you can decide if it’s good or bad, valuable or without value. Your higher self and guides certainly aren’t judging your choices. That’s only a projection of the ego…there is no judgement in the non-physical, there is only acceptance of choice as an aspect of free will granted to All That Is.

So if you decide that you don’t enjoy or find value in your experience, then change your identity with your experience. Instead of identifying as the woman who is paralyzed and can’t move forward…can you decide that you’re the woman who is exactly where she needs to be and is merely allowing inspiration to come forth so that she can act from a place of inspiration? The choice of identification doesn’t change the physical details of your circumstances…it only changes your perception of the circumstances. It is your choice of identity that changes your perception first and then in turn it is your perception that changes what you will continue to experience. When you choose to experience your circumstances as negative, you will perpetuate more negativity to support your choice. When you choose to reorient and perceive your circumstances as positive, you will immediately create a shift that orients you to allowing more positive aspects in to support your shift in perspective.” 

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