1010 Energy Work

In many ways it feels to me like the year doesn’t really get moving until we cross the threshold of the September Equinox. This year in particular it feels as if the first 9 months were simply preparation. I’m very aware of an acceleration that begins on 1010 and builds momentum through 1111 and 1212. The 2020 timelines are here and they’re opening up beautifully. The crucible of change we’ve been in thus far has stripped us all. We’ve been emptied out and now the Divine Blueprint comes in at the quantum level.
The sound healing begins at about the 13:50 mark.
Here’s the affirmation I shared: “I am ready to shift my beliefs about myself. I am willing to see myself through the lens of Love. I call upon my Creator Self to join me in shifting these beliefs. I choose to move beyond the limited perspective of my history and my past. I open myself to my deepest truth. I accept the unconditional love that is always here for me. I call in the energies of freedom and liberation to support me in making these shifts. I allow I allow I allow. Now as I AM, I allow. And so it is.
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