Truth and Trust

I have a journal I have been keeping for going on 10 years now. This morning I opened it and it was showing me entries from 2012. During the time I was going through a major awakening. At the time I was in a panic. My life in LA was falling apart and I was lost. Reading those entries this morning I was struck by how I knew exactly what was going on, even though at the time I was unable to see it. Unable to see it, because I was only living through my mind. At the time, that’s how I lived. I wasn’t consciously aware of the wisdom of my heart, of my body, and my Core Self. Living through the mind, I only saw panic, failure, impossibility, and fear.

What I see now, is that the mind never knows what’s going on. Not in the true sense anyway. How can it? It’s only ever living in the past in an attempt to define the present. However I see now that my truth was speaking to me loud and clear. It always has been. What I know for sure, is that there is a level of our awareness that always knows exactly what is going on. This level of awareness always knows what is next, always knows now to get us there, and when we trust it, will carry us through. The trick is to trust it. The trick is to see, feel, and hear the fear and then take the step anyway.

The truth will not give us the plan. Even if it did, we wouldn’t believe it. Looking back, there is NO way I would have ever conceived that I would end up where I am. From my limited perspective, I didn’t even have the wherewithal to understand what was going on. However my truth, my heart, and my soul knew. It always has. You won’t always get the full picture, but you will always have the step that’s in front of you. Often the step to pivot towards our truth rather than away, feels terrifying. To the mind it is terrifying. To the truth however it’s simply the next step to consciously bring ourselves back to Self. Trust it. It will carry you. It always has. That’s the deal. When you show up in service of your Truth, it immediately shows up in service of You.

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