1111 Energy Work

This is the recording of the live energy work that was done on 11/11. This was a really beautiful transmission. The group connected directly with their higher aspect(s) to receive the frequency of Truth directly from Self.  It feels important to note that the final moments of the 2019 passage are offering us more space to get right with ourselves. To detach from the external dramas and letting our own frequency become our guide is crucial for us now and in the months to come. Many things are unfolding as we merge more completely with the fullness of our Self. Regardless of what the details of our experience are it seems our big task is to really embody our own rhythm. To tune into the song of our soul and let is guide us towards the fullest expression of our purpose. The 1111 energy work is offered in support of your journey. Whatever that may mean for you, it is all built upon the intention to connect you more deeply with your Truth.

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