Ending Programming with Jenny Schiltz

I sat down with my friend and colleague, Jenny Schiltz to chat about the current energies, the big themes for this year, and our own experience with letting go. We touched on a LOT of topics including:
• The wisdom and needs of the body
• Our experience with being vegetarian and vegan as it relates to the needs of the body
• Programming and beliefs
• The shifting relationship with guides and guidance
• How to meet yourself in trauma
There were a few technical glitches, so I wanted to share the message Jenny received from Jesus below. Also the two books I referenced in the video are: “Seth Speaks” by Jane Roberts
“The Application of Impossible Things” by Natalie Sudman
You can find Jenny at https://jennyschiltz.com/ Here’s the quote from Jesus via Jenny – “One must be in love with their creation or actively working to change it. All else is madness. Unhappiness is a tool that can help guide the direction. Not a location in which to live. Many people have accepted the state of unhappiness as part of the condition of their incarnation and nothing can be further from the truth. See it as a tool and allow it to guide you to what makes you happy.” -Jesus

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